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Turning Your Wide Format Document Images into a Searchable Database

Wide Format Document Imaging Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Digitizing your documents is a great way to create a database that makes work much more convenient. Once your wide format documents have bene turned into digital files with professional wide format document imaging service provider, you now have the opportunity to create your very own database of blueprints, art pieces, schematics, historic records, and more. Wide format document images can be organized in a variety of ways. Here are some great tips for creating a usable database that is easy to search, quickly to use, and convenient for sharing and collaboration:

Wide Format Document Imaging Services

Tagging is a method of attaching a keyword to any wide format document images that you want to be able to pull up in a few seconds. Tags can be anything you may want to organize your files by wide format document imaging services. For example, you may choose to tag all blueprints by the name of the building, by the year of creation, or by the client name. Historic documents may be tagged by the identification number that tells you where the physical document is stored, or in a variety of other methods. Use tagging with your wide format document imaging service to create groups, making it easy to find related work any time you need everything at once.

Folders and sub-folders allow you to organize wide format document images into categories so that it’s easy to keep certain types of projects separated from others. If you operate a library, for example, you may choose to separate into genres, or separate books from historic city documents or other archive materials. Our wide format document imaging services make it easy to collect a variety of items, so you’ll probably find more than one category to organize your files. Don’t forget that you can also choose to sort documents by date, a simple but very powerful way to keep your projects in order. Artists or historical document archivists may find this method the best way for organizing any wide format document images.

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