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Document Scanning for Utility Companies San Francisco CA

Document Scanning Technology Protects Utility Companies

At eRecordsUSA, we understand the need to protect and preserve information from the threat of destruction. Physical records can be destroyed by flood, fire, neglect, and more. Even just the aging process can render hard copy records brittle and unusable.

We offer advanced utility documents scanning for all types of utility companies to ensure data protection and offer other benefits.

Our Utility Documents Scanning services, include 100% audit of the scanned images, to ensure no missing pages and scanned quality of images is unmatched.

With the audit and quality control checks, our customers can be assured that no information is missed. We unitize many technical, operational, process and human managed controls to ensure the above.

Document Management for Utility Companies

Types of Utility Companies We Serve

We’re proud to offer utility documents scanning to a broad range of utility providers, including:

Electric companies

Gas companies

Water companies

Telecom providers

Energy companies

Utility companies also operate in a compliance-eccentric world with heavy regulations. Documentation must be available to audit and inspect real time.

Digital Transformation Solutions for Energy Utility Sector

eRecordsUSA deploys data management solutions for the Utility industry that are secure, scalable, proven, compliant, and reduce costs; all leading to more efficient operations.

Scanning & Document Management for Utility Companies

Digital Documents Offer Ease of Access and Storage

How much money does your company spend on storing paper and film documents? Chances are good it’s quite a lot.

How much more is spent each year to organize, manage, review, and retrieve that information? It can be incredibly costly. Utility documents scanning reduces that cost dramatically.

Digitizing your documents allows you to avoid storage and organization costs, but also ensures ease of access and storage.

Digital documents take up no physical space, and with cloud connectivity, the data you need can be accessed from anywhere.

Organization and Indexing Simplified

Utility documents scanning offers the ability to organize your data in any way you chose, by project name, vendor, date, drawing number, plant location, equipment type, and more.

eRecordsUSA offers flexible, reliable document scanning and digitization to ensure savings and better organization on your end.

Contact us today to learn more about our paper document scanning services, large format scanning capabilities, and other solutions.