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Lab Notebook, Scientific Notebook Scanning to Protect your Research !

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eRecordsUSA, assists in converting lab notebooks to secure digital files provides disaster recovery protection of your priceless research. We have processed thousands of Lab Scientific Notebooks, securely and confidentially, and service customers from all over the country. eRecordsUSA specializes in scientific notebook scanning, with decades of experience and professional equipment, and having digitized thousand of  scientific notebooks over the years, are proud to say, that our scan quality is unmatched, and the best in the industry. 

Lab scientific notebook scanning for Biotech  & Scientific Research organizations requires a unique approach and specialized professional book scanners designed to handle the curvature of text near the spine. A normal desktop flatbed scanner requires the user to press down on the spine to get a clean image, which could very easily damage the spine and bindings of the laboratory notebook.


Protect your patents. Protect your research

Protect your patents by scanning lab notebooks and converting the pages to digital images. By bringing these into digital format, you can easily keep track of who has accessed what lab notebooks, how long they were viewed for, any edits or changes that were made, as well as the ability to have multiple people access the same lab notebook at the same time.

Laboratory scientific notebook scanning archiving requires a unique approach. eRecordsUSA’s specialized book scanners are specifically designed to handle the curvature of text near the lab notebook’s spine, ensuring the integrity of data capture, while maximizing the scanned image quality.



Disaster Recovery – In a lab or any other research setting, there is always at least a minimal risk that your notes could be lost, damaged or even stolen. One accident in the lab and all that you have worked for could be lost.
At eRecordsUSA, we have the document scanning technology necessary to deliver crisp and clear electronic copies of your lab notes that are identical to the originals.

Legal Safeguards – Your research is your intellectual property. To protect this property, publish your findings and to apply for patents, you will likely need to provide proof of your research. Lab notebook scanning services can provide professional electronic research notes that can easily be shared with the appropriate organizations.

Improved Functionality – Your entire research institution can benefit from our lab notebook digitization services. If you collaborate with other researchers in your organization, you can quickly and conveniently share notes with one another without having to work without your own notes

There are many reasons and benefits to digitize laboratory scientific notebooks.For more information on notebook Scanning Services, please Contact Us for a free estimate. or Call us at (510) 900-8800.

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