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Scanning Documents into PDF

Scanning Documents into PDF – Common Misconceptions

Scanning Documents into PDF in San Francisco Bay Area, California

There are a number of common misconceptions circling the topic of scanning documents into PDF file format. While it sounds like a simple enough undertaking the fact is that there are a lot of questions, false information, and miscommunication taking place out there. The best place to go for answers is a professional document scanning services provider.

Scanning Document into PDF

Some may feel that the process is involved, confusing, and just too much of a chore to take on. This couldn’t be further from the truth. “The process is simple,” states eRecordsUSA, a document and book scanning service provider.”You gather your documents together, and box them up,” says the company. That’s literally all you have to worry about. In fact, some companies such as eRecordsUSA will even come and pick up your documents so you can cross that off your list as well.

Another misconception is that you don’t get a choice about what file format your documents are scanned into, in other words you don’t always get to choose PDF file format. Again this isn’t true at all. With professional service providers you are usually offered a number of file formats and PDF is among the most common file format.

You can only store your digital files on a CD/DVD. Again this isn’t true, you can also opt to store your digital files in the cloud, making it possible to access them from any location. This gives customers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to their files.

You still have to lug all those files back to the office after they are scanned. This is a question you’ll want to ask the document scanning company ahead of time. Some places, such as eRecordsUSA will be able to shred all your documents so they are out of your hair for good.

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