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Preserves maps and drawings with our wide format scanning service

We use the latest technologies and multiple wide format scanners for our wide format scanning services to ensure the preservation of hundreds of old and fragile maps, drawings and documents for our customers.

Our Custom Wide format scanning offerings can help: If your project requires capturing high quality images from hardcopy sources, consider our custom scanning services.

Our staff is very knowledgeable about the requirements to properly operate our imaging equipment, and able to meet the needs of supplying the optimum capture of your originals.

Wide Format Scanning

With our wide format scanning services, Various Local & Federal Government  Departments have gained the flexibility, speed and world-class image quality they need to record and digitize all the land records,  wide format drawings and blueprints.

eRecordsUsa can scan hundreds of old and fragile documents, drawings and maps quickly – without damaging the originals. A large part of the digitization process requires scanning thousands of maps, drawings and survey documents and records – many of which are over a hundred years old, and irreplaceable. We take special precautions in handling such wide format drawings, by using special protective sheets.

WHAT CAN BE SCANNED : Hardcopy originals including:

Newspapers, Printed Documents, Aerial Photographs, Topographic Maps, Geologic Maps, Petroleum Maps, Color-coded or red-lined engineering drawings, Photographs, Posters, Renderings, Large Commercial Graphics, Drawings, Fine Art, Architectural, Large format drawing scanning, Blueprint scanning of architectural and construction plans, engineering mechanical drawings, Engineering Drawings, Architectural Drawings and Inkjet prints

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