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Professional high-resolution photo scanning service, picture scanning

We never send your film or prints to another country like some other scanning houses.

eRecordsUsa is a professional photo scanning service providing high resolution film, slide and photo scanning at very competitive prices. Our service includes negative scanning and slide scanning from 35mm up through 4×5 inches, as well as photo scanning up to 8×10 inches and larger.  All our scanning is done on-site in our facility in Sf-Bay Area, California. We never send your film or prints to another country like some other scanning houses.  We understand the value you place on your precious memories, so we take extra measures to ensure that your original negatives, slides and prints are treated with the utmost care throughout the process and returned to you in the same condition in which they were received.

  • We pride ourselves in providing the best quality scans at very competitive prices.  Photo Scanning Service is very labor intensive, especially when done by hand, but we feel that it is the only way to insure the safety of your negatives, slides and prints. We feel that our prices are very competitive once you factor in the time required to provide this personal attention.
  • We take pride in being able to meet the needs of both the individual or the corporate client.  More and more businesses, schools, libraries, etc. realize the benefits of having their image assets digitized.  Not only does digitizing transform those materials into a format much more compatible with today’s computer age, but it also allows administrators and office managers to reclaim valuable space that was being taken up by boxes full of slides, films and photographs.

Why digitize your slides, negatives and prints now?

Unless you are warehousing your slides, negatives and photographs in a darkened, temperature and humidity controlled environment, your precious memories and image assets are deteriorating a little bit each and every day.  Without tight control over these conditions,  your slides, negatives and films lose color and contrast, become more brittle, and continue to attract dust and dirt like a magnet.  Contaminants in the air like formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, vapors from solvents cleaners, etc., all have detrimental effects upon both processed and non-processed film.

Professional High Resolution Film, Slide and Photo Scanning

Professional High Resolution Film, Slide and Photo Scanning Service

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