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Paper Notebook Scanning Services

Protect Your Hard Work with Paper Notebook Scanning Services

Paper Notebook Scanning Services | San Francisco Bay Area, California

Whether you’re a researcher, a student, a biologist or an author, your research is an invaluable asset. It’s the only copy of your hard work, and contains essential information. If something where to happen to your notebook, years of effort could be lost in an instant. It makes sense to protect that information, but how can you do that? The simplest way is to make use of paper notebook scanning services. These services transform your notes into digital format, protecting them essentially forever.

Paper Notebook Scanning Services

What Notebooks Can Be Scanned?

Simply put, any notebook can be scanned. It’s a relatively simple process that takes the physical notes in your notebook and transforms them into a digital format. Once converted, those notes can be stored on your computer or through your preferred cloud platform. You can access them, use them, and even modify them in many instances.

Why Scan Paper Notebooks?

As mentioned, your notebook is the only place that information appears. It’s your own unique body of work. If something were to happen to it, that information would be lost forever. Would you be able to duplicate it again? Chances are good that you wouldn’t be able to, at least not without a significant amount of effort, if at all.

With paper notebook scanning service, you’re prepared for whatever disaster might come your way. Your original notebook could be lost. It could be damaged by a liquid spill, or destroyed in a fire. It could be stolen, or any number of other things might happen. However, if the information in your notebook has been digitized, that loss will be easier to bear. You’ll still have access to all your research, notes, background information and anything else contained in those pages.

Another benefit of paper notebook scanning service is the ability to share those documents with others. Maybe you’re collaborating with another researcher, or a lab on the other side of the country. If your information is locked up in a physical notebook, it can be difficult or impossible to share. However, if that information has been digitized, it can easily be shared through email or a download link.

Work with an Ethical Company

Obviously, your notebook will contain sensitive information. It might be proprietary research data, or it could be the plot and outline for the next great American novel. In all these instances, that information is your intellectual property, and it’s essential that you work with a scanning company that not only understands that, but honors it and protects your information as well.

Make sure that the book scanning company does all the scanning in house, and doesn’t outsource it to another provider, as this could put your information at risk. You should also ensure that the company has a confidentiality agreement, and stands by it at all times.

eRecordsUSA, a leading book scanning services provider can understand the importance of your intellectual property, and do everything in our power to protect it. Your information is always confidential, and we never outsource to other providers. Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at info@eRecordsUSA.com today to know more about our lab notebook scanning services or paper notebook scanning service.

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