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Oversize Document Scanning Service

Oversized Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Protect Your Family History with Oversized Document Scanning Services

Digging into family genealogy is a past time that many people enjoy. Looking through old photo albums, gathering copies of death or marriage certificates, or finding records of immigrating ancestors in historical archives can produce a real feeling of connection to the past and to your family. However, one big problem presents itself when you get a reputation as the family genealogist: where and how do you store all those documents and photographs? Historic documents are often larger than standard paper today, delicate from years of handling, or already faded and damaged. This is where our oversized document scanning services come in.

Oversized Document Scanning Services

At eRecordsUSA, we can help you preserve your family history no matter what type of documents you may have. Old blueprints from your great-grandparents’ first home, oversized birth certificates or college diplomas from great-aunts and uncles, historic records of every kind of milestone can be easily turned into a digital file thanks to our oversized document scanning service. Once you have these documents in digital format, it’s easy to share them with your family, and keep the physical papers in a weather-proof, locked storage solution where they’ll be protected for generations to come.

In addition to our oversized document scanning services, we also have experience working with historic documents, so your items will be safely scanned in a process that does not harm them. Use these digital files to create a new family album, compare new family additions to the faces of generations past, or simply to create a searchable database for your own purposes. There are so many ways that these documents could be used for the future, while allowing you to preserve the physical documents safely. Oversized document scanning services could also make a thoughtful gift for the family genealogist!

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