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Oversize Book Scanning Service

4 Things You Should Understand about Oversize Book Scanning Services

Oversize Book Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Book scanning has come a long, long way. Once upon a time, it was a painstaking process done manually. Today, there is new technology on the scene, and the individual pages can be scanned electronically and then saved as a digital file. Book scanning has advanced quite a lot in just a few years, and even oversize book scanning service is not only possible, but expedient. What should you know about scanning oversized books? Here are a few important things.

Oversize Book Scanning Services

Destructive or Non-Destructive?

There are two primary types of oversize book scanning in use today – destructive and non-destructive. Destructive book scanning is the faster of the two, but is only useful in situations where the information contained in the book is more valuable than the book itself. For instance, you might scan a coffee table book printed in the last few years to digitize the pictures and information. The book itself has little value beyond the information it contains.

Non-destructive book scanning service is different. This process is used when both the information in the book and the book itself have value. For example, you might use this method for an out of print book, a rare volume, a fragile book, or an antique book created decades, or even centuries ago. It allows the pages to be scanned and the information digitized without actually harming the binding or the pages.

Choose the Right Scanning Method

When it comes to oversize book scanning, it’s important to choose the right output method. For instance, if you’re scanning a book with a significant number of high-quality color photographs, you should opt for a color scanning process. This will ensure that the images are reproduced to the same size and quality as the original. However, if the images are not that important, you can opt for black and white, or even have the book scanned without the images or illustrations. This allows you to store and access text without worrying about superfluous pictures.

Training Makes a Difference

If you’re interested in destructive oversize book scanning services, then you only need to ensure that the company you choose provides training to its employees in the accurate use of the scanning technology. However, if you’re more interested in non-destructive oversize book scanning, then you need to make sure that the employees have training in handling rare or fragile books. Not all companies are capable of safely scanning vintage or antique books and then returning the collection to the owner.

Consider Cloud Access

In most instances, a scanned book will be transformed into a digital format and then delivered to you on a CD or DVD. While that is definitely convenient, cloud storage takes things a step or two farther. By storing your scanned book in the cloud, you can access it from any device with an Internet connection, and you avoid the possibility of file loss if something happens to your computer hard drive or the disc.

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