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Outsource Document Scanning Vs In-House – Which to Choose?

Outsource Document Scanning Vs In-House

Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents to digital files so that these files become indexable, searchable and shareable online. This process is done in many companies by themselves by having their scanning setup used on a daily basis for the digital conversion of documents.

However, bulk document scanning is not a simple process. Moreover, security, quality of scanning, proper storage and so many other factors are involved in the document scanning process.

DIY document scanning falls short in several significant ways. The tasks like enhancing and editing old documents, formatting to adopt web pages, changing the page type (e.g pdf to word conversion), etc.

We are going to discuss in this post whether You Should Outsource Document Scanning Services or Do It In-House

Outsource Document Scanning or Do It In-House

Document Scanning Company
Work Speed High Speed
Quality Superb as the company has hardware set up with high-end scanning machines
Project Control Varies from agency to agency
Security Less – as the documents are going out of the premises
Time Lesser time required- as scanning companies have a setup for scanning and storage
Cost The overall cost is almost the same as the in-premises scanning
In-House Document Scanning
Work Speed Depends on manpower and setup
Quality Moderate- it’s not possible to have a high-end setup considering the cost
Project Control Full control as the work is done in-house
Security Higher- as the documents are accessible only to limited people
Time More time- as the dedicated staff is required to do the job
Cost Bulk scanning cost will be more however, operational cost is lesser than outsourcing to a company


Document Management & Record Storage are must for any organization to have business sustainability. Data is an asset for any organization. Document storage provides a format that allows further meaningful use of data and information. Moreover, digital copies of documents help in making it sharable and searchable online.

From the above comparison , we can say that hiring document scanning services for your document scanning project is a better decision rather than having In-House document scanning. You can compare the document scanning prices of various companies and choose the best as per your convenience. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Scanning

Professional document scanning companies in San Francisco, Bay Area provide a quick and efficient way of storing important documents. These agencies offer distinct advantages. Some of them include –

Improved version of digital documents

A document management system is a process of arranging data in digital files with enhanced quality. The focus is on creating an error-free document management system that is a fully automated version. The purpose is not just to scan the document but to make it easier for the company to get rid of hard copy or files.

Faster Audits, Discoveries, and Compliance

Document Scanning is useful for organizations that are subject to audits, discovery demands, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries. Also, the bulk document scanning process saves money and gets your document management streamlined.

A scanning project executed by a document scanning company creates an index and evenly planned structure to provide a file structure that can quickly comply with industrial requirements.

Better Data Preservation

Agencies and libraries preserving historical data and sensitive documents get the advantage to scan and preserve old documents without any hassles. Also, digital scanning agencies have several methods to edit and enhance the quality of scanning old and fragile historical documents. Doing so will empower these Document Scanning Services Providers to digitize and share historical documents to the client with an ease. These delicate materials are difficult to preserve otherwise.

Disaster Recovery

Document digitization and presevation is the ultimate goal. There is no doubt about that. Natural calamities and man made disasters sometimes could destroy the old historical documents. It is impossible to restore such documents if they are not digitized.  

If they are not digitized. If you are running an art gallery or a business that carries historical documents, thenhistorical document scannig is must for your business.

 The document scanning and digitizing process is a part of your business continuity plan. The scanning and storage service provided by professional agencies helps you maintain cloud-based data that is free from disasters.

It is open and can be combined with any other similar type of data. The agencies dealing with consumer services can have greater benefits from this. The data stored digitally is free from distracters and the backup of the same is always available on the cloud so even physical damages like fire or system failure do not affect the storage.

Record Retention and Reuse

Data acts as a backbone for businesses. Today, business processes are governed by using data. There is always a need to refine the data and reuse it for business purposes. Advanced scanning techniques like OCR tools allow you to capture and migrate data as per the need of the organization.

Why Outsource Document Scanning Project From eRecordsUSA?

Initially, if you plan to execute the document scanning project, then considering the setup cost, manpower, and expertise required, it is best if you hire a Document Scanning Company in San Francisco Bay Area

Finally, when you are determined to execute your document scanning project, you need to outsource document scanning to a partner for quality work. You would like to check their previous document scanning work and would plan a way out to accomplish your scanning project.

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