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Best Microfilm & Microfiche Scanners List To Consider in 2023

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanners

Microfiche and microfilm are the preferred methods used to store images, blueprints, schematics, maps, and other important documents for an extended period of time. This microform technology makes it possible to reduce paper file storage, helping large businesses, banks, libraries, national archives, and government institutions to store large volumes of data. It’s a great way to preserve important information for the long term with a reduced risk of data loss.

But, how can you access data from microform? Nowadays, many companies require document storage, including text search capabilities, secure remote access to data from anywhere, and a near-infinite storage capacity. That’s why they use microfilm and microfiche scanners to create digital copies of their data. A microfilm backup can be stored in the cloud and used to restore your data if a catastrophe strikes. Digitizing microfilm provides easy access to your documents and provides a backup of your data.

Nowadays, the market is fully-fledged with microfilm and microfiche scanners, but only some of them are properly engineered, developed, manufactured, and supported to provide superior image quality in a minimal time. You must have questions in mind about how to digitize microfilm or which are the top In this blog, we’ll mention some of the best microfilm and microfiche scanners. Let’s take a look:

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanners List

Our mission is to provide the best technical scanning microfilm and microfiche equipment to the marketplace, enabling microfilm inventory to be preserved and converted and reducing document scanning prices.

If you want to retrieve images in high resolution and require data in less time, here are the best microfilm and microfiche scanners that are mostly used in the USA. Take a look at the followings:

Mekel MACH7 Microfiche Scanner

The Mekel MACH7 Microfiche Scanner is a reliable and high-quality digitization product that creates superior images at high speeds. With its latest Mekel 2.0 update, the MACH7 is even better equipped to handle difficult films and produce stunning results. Whether you’re looking to digitize a large collection of documents or just a few precious items, the MACH7 is an excellent choice to digitize microfiche.

The MACH7 microfiche scanner is the industry standard for microfiche scanning, renowned for its automation, reliability, and ease of use. Its specialized fiche pick-up arm and batch scanning modes make it quick and easy to scan large volumes of microfiche records, while its full fiche pre-scan feature ensures that all images are captured at the first pass.


< Manual and/or automated microfiche loading and unloading
< Intelligent single-pass pre-scan locates all images of various sizes in seconds without the need for presets/wizards
< Unmatched throughput speeds of up to 200 images per minute whether scanning grayscale, bitonal or dual grayscale/bitonal
< Full fiche or title bar scan with no loss in overall throughput
< Real-time image sharpening and enhancement performed in hardware
< Scans all standard aperture card and fiche types including COM and jacket
< Up to 600 dpi true optical resolution

ST ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner

ST Imaging is a world-renowned manufacturer of top-of-the-line microfilm scanners and other scanning solutions for micrographic collections. These systems have revolutionized the way industries such as banking, engineering, manufacturing, medical and legal operate.

Basically, the ST ViewScan products allow you to scan roll microfilm, microfiche, color film slides and negatives, and opaque card and microcard media using a PC. You can then view, fax, email, or print the images that you’ve scanned. These products are specifically designed for use in library environments and offer compatibility with secure network environments, ease of use, and clear images.

The high-quality zoom and focus lenses on this scanner produce consistently clear images whether you are scrolling or zooming. With the ability to scan higher to smallest images found on microfiche sheets, you can always expect sharp and easy-to-read images that are properly oriented, focused, and vibrant.


< Produces crisp and clear HD images, even while browsing
< You can Browse, Print, Save or Share beautiful 18-megapixel images.
< Equipped with a 9-megapixel black and white image sensor or an 18-megapixel color image sensor.
< From 35 mm roll film to small images on microfiche, users will see focused and vibrant images.

FlexScan Microfilm Scanner

The FlexScan system is a versatile and high-performance solution for scanning roll film, microfiche, or aperture card scanning. This system makes it easy to convert large volumes of data into digital format, making it more accessible and easier to use.

The FlexScan microfilm scanning solution is a complete package of hardware, software, training, and support to give you the best solution for the conversion of your microforms to the highest quality digital images possible.


< Flexible media scanning: film, fiche, aperture Cards
< 100% reliable high-speed image capture
< Pristine high-resolution images
< Allow for the simultaneous capture, index, audit, and output enabling optimal film processing performance

ScanPro All-In-One Microfilm Scanner

All within one unit, the ScanPro All-In-One converts entire microfilm collections including 16mm, 35mm, fiche, jacketed fiche, and aperture cards and performs on-demand research. The ScanPro i9500, the ScanPro 3500, and the ScanPro 2500 are all All-In-One converter scanners for digitize microfilm and microfiche.

With its motorized AUTO-CarrierTM, you can read, scan, print, and convert your images with remarkable speed and accuracy. Featuring both a roll film and fiche conversion unit and an on-demand unit, the All-In-One is surprisingly affordable. With the All-In-One scanner, you can scan all types of film on your desktop.


< Fast, real-time digital feed from the camera to the PC using a USB 3 interface
< High-resolution images in TIFF, PDF, Searchable PDF, and JPEG formats
< Optical Zoom Lens 5x to 105x, Digital Zoom 5x to 1575x
< Automatic high-speed scanning including larger-size formats
< Easy 1-click save and print to multiple file formats
< Fastest word-searchable OCR software

Sunrise Imaging SpeedScan Microform Scanner

SunRise has designed a modular scanner that can scan film, fiche, and aperture cards simultaneously. The SunRise 3-in-1 base unit can be used with either the Roll Film, Fiche, or Aperture Card modules, allowing it to scan any film type at high speeds without the need to purchase additional scanners. This is the ideal solution for customers who need to scan multiple microfilm types, but not simultaneously.


< 3-in-1 modular design – uniform procedures for all film types
< Rollfilm, Fiche and Aperture card microfilm types
< Highly efficient, power saving, low noise
< Optical Zoom supporting 2,000 to 20,000 DPI

Choosing The Right Microfilm Scanning Partner For Your Project

As we know, microfilm and microfiche were known as one of the best options for backing up critical data, accessing information, and reducing the need for papers. However, retrieving images from these microformats is a quite time-consuming process.

This is where eRecordsUSA comes up with some advanced solutions, where they use effective scanner systems (Mekel Mach 7 Scanner) to scan hundreds of images per day. We handle the film conversions in a secure and state-of-the-art micrographics laboratory in our conversion center in Fremont, CA.

We have a team of proficient and experienced who also assist their employees with high-quality document scanning & Imaging services in San Francisco CA. Our dedicated team uses the necessary equipment (Mekel Mach 7 Scanner) to handle microfiche and microfilm scanning projects.

You can count on us to capture high-quality digital images along with accurate index information no matter how much film-based media you have. We complete all microfilm and microfiche conversion needs of our clients on time and within budget with our unique experience, specialized equipment, and proven microfilm & document imaging processes.

Our mission is to provide the best microfilm and microfiche scanning services on the market. It’s our commitment to continually provide the most innovative, state-of-the-art services to our customers. Regardless of our client’s needs, we have a solution to fit your requirements and your budget.

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