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Large Format Scanning Services

Large Format Scanning Services

Large Format Scanning Services

eRecordsUSA, can help you in Converting your Large Format Documents into Digital Files.

eRecordsUSA provides professional-grade, large format scanning services for all types of oversized drawings and documents. We offer professional services to scan engineering drawings, architectural drawings, blueprints, site plans, surveys, maps and more. Our secure scanning facility is conveniently located in Fremont, CA. We service clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and all over the country, with our large format scanning services.

After the original media is digitized and indexed, the oversized drawings & documents can be shared and accessed from almost anywhere. Having these large drawings & documents scanned will ultimately prove to be extremely beneficial, not only in saving time to access and share but also with secure back up of these electronic files, save from any loss due to any loss or natural disasters.

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Why Choose eRecordsUSA with your Large Format Document Scanning

• We support many small & large business even many fortune 500 companies & government agencies.
• Capacity & Capability & Experience to handle Large Format Document Scanning Projects of any size and complexity.
• We operate a state of the art conversion center in Fremont, CA, where all the work will be performed.
• We use only the top of the line hardware and software to perform the Large Format Document Scanning Projects.
• Capacity to process millions of images a day, including books, paper files & large drawings.
• We have scanned many multi-millions of large format documents now over 10+ years.
• We have successfully completed every project to the entire satisfaction of our customers without exception.
• We maintain a full “chain of custody”- from the time the files are pickup to the return of the original & scans.
• Professional & Experienced Operators trained to handle delicate and fragile drawings.
• Extremely large & over-sized documents, large format document drawings. No Problem, We can help!


Data Capture, Indexing & File Naming for Wide Format Images

eRecordsUSA, when providing large format scanning services, we use our expert data entry operators to capture key index data from the title block of the scanned drawings, or any other additional information needed to be captured from the drawings or the cover sheets. This captured data can be used to name the converted digital files or used to catalog, or made use in any information systems which the customer uses.

Large format scanning for plans, blueprints & documents can be digitized into a single image or multi-page files, as per the client’s needs. The resultant scanned images can be in any requested formats, including PDF, PDF/A, TIF, JPEG’s, etc. There are various scanning options such as Color/ Grayscale or Bitonal scans for customers to choose from, and we assist all our customers in making the best choice based on the condition of the originals and use of the digital files.

Feel free to reach out to us here, with any questions and let us know, how we can help you with your Large Format Scanning services, or call us at 510.900.8800, Monday through Friday, between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. We can help you in archival large format scanning services for Engineering drawings, Blueprints, Maps, Land Surveys, Highway plans, Map book, CAD Drawings, Poster and Paintings, Architectural Plans & Over-sized documents.


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