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Large Format Fragile Document Scanning Service

Large Format Fragile Document Scanning is Valuable to All

Large Format Fragile Document Scanning Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Chances are you have at least one large format, somewhat fragile document in your possession. It could be that famous poster or sign that you purchased or acquired in the past. It could be some antique newspapers or periodicals. The large format, fragile document could be of historical value such as a map, set of blueprints or legal document. In fact, archivists often have entire collections of such items, and in all instances, large format fragile document scanning is a fantastic solution to handling them.

Large Format Fragile Document Scanning Services

No matter the value of a larger and fragile document (whether monetary, historical or sentimental), handling it can lead to its destruction. Folding and unfolding the items, rolling them and keeping them in less than ideal conditions, or simply archiving them without climate controls can lead to losses. The option to use large format fragile document scanning is to eliminating those risks.

A premium quality scan and digitization of the file ensures you can do everything from reading and examining it to ordering a top quality print of the image or document, and at eRecordsUSA customers are able to choose from a diversity of document imaging options, including large format fragile document scanning service.

Naturally, your oversized documents may be much more than beautiful graphical items and may contain large amounts of text. This is why eRecordsUSA features options in the post-scanning phase, including the use of OCR that makes a document readable. You can obtain PDF, JPEG and WORD formats, among others, and even have your files stored safely on the cloud as well as traditional media such as a DVD or CD.

You don’t have to continue to worry about the conditions of your oversized materials, even the largest and most fragile documents can be safely scanned and returned to you. And you can then use them in a way previously unavailable, allowing you to make the most of the item while keeping the original intact. Get in touch to find out more.

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