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Large Format Book Scanning Services

Large Format Document Scanning Services

Large Format Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area

eRecordsUSA gives amazing large format document scanning, change of your maps, drawings, diagrams, plan sets , etc. to digital format. Our Extensive large format document scanning services and imaging services will have your physical printed version expansive arrangement reports changed over into an electronic organization of your decision rapidly and helpfully, immensely enhancing data openness and upgrading your fiasco recuperation arrangement.

Large Format Document Scanning Services

eRecordsUSA has the accompanying large format document scanning abilities:

  • We can scan large format paper documents of any type
  • We can scan documents OF ANY LENGTH
  • We can scan all document sizes including A, B, C, D, E, J and larger
  • We can scan large-format images with high DPI if requested

eRecordsUSA can scan a variety of Large Format Document Types, a few of them are listed here below

As-Builts, Guide Books, Form Maps, Bundle Maps, Utility Maps, Floor Arrangements, Building Arrangements, Rises Inside Outlines, Mechanical Cross-Segments, Railways, Procedure Stream Graphs, Seismic Information Funneling Drawings, Well Area Drawings PCBs and Circuit Board Plans, Electronic Outlines, Daily papers, Maps and so on

eRecordsUSA work most recent arrangement archive examining frameworks to deliver amazing pictures of arrangements and reports. Report can be checked in Bi-tonal (B&W), Dark Scale, or Full Shading and the yield can be either in TIFF, JPEG or PDF, as asked.

Every arrangement or drawing is referenced with proper data, for example, drawing number and correction; venture number and name; improvement application number. For any associations utilizing Archive Administration Frameworks , the metadata can be given in any configuration mapped to your info fields. Pictures and metadata can be provide on a DVD, Album, Convenient Hard Commute, or conveyed by means of Secure FTP Association.

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