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The History of Newspaper Digitizing Services

The History of Newspaper Digitizing / Scanning / Imaging Services

Pretty much all newspapers offer a digital version of their publication nowadays, in fact even the small community newspapers are getting in on the trend. So when exactly newspaper digitizing services did become a popular option? Let’s take a look at some of the history in this industry.

Newspaper Scanning

Newspapers have been around since around the 1400s, where the first instances of a printed newspaper occurred in the country of Germany.Meanwhile it was the mid-1600s before English speaking countries began to see printed newspapers. They were used for the same purpose then, reporting the news. By the early 1700s newspapers were popping up in America and suddenly being “in the know” was made possible.It wasn’t until the late 1890s though that America began printing them in large volumes for those all across the country.

Over the last century newspapers have certainly had their share of competition in the form of television and radio, and then much later on the Internet. As people began to lean towards these mediums, newspapers realized it was time to change with the times once again.

Today newspapers are offering digital versions of their publications. What this means is that people no longer have to rush out to buy today’s paper, there is no having to carry around the paper itself, no getting newsprint on your hands as you turn the pages and carefully try to keep everything in place, and for those stories you really want to keep you won’t have to clip them out to store away. In addition, newspapers do not hold up well over time, environmental damage begins to occur and before long the pages become too yellow and frail to read. These newspaper digitizing services are also great when it comes to storing back issues in a permanent way.

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