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Historical Letter Imaging Service

The Importance of Historical Letter Imaging Services

Historical Letter Imaging Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Anyone who studies history or likes to read biographies knows of the importance of old letters. They reveal a tremendous amount about the people, places, events and eras of the pace, and yet they are also a vital component in a family history, too. That is why historical letter imaging service may be a wonderful asset to family archivists in addition to professional archivists and others.

Historical Letter Imaging Services

What is historical letter imaging? In the simplest terms, it is the professional scanning of historical letters and other similar documents (including old postcards, and so on) and digitizing of the files. This enables the owners to put the original letters into high quality archival storage, where they can remain untouched in the best possible conditions for decades to come.

The digital files are then able to be used, studied and even printed by those who need them, retaining the original handwriting, drawings and other qualities of the original letter itself.

How can you have this done? There are now firms that offer an array of scanning services, including services for those with delicate, historic and important items such as letters and other materials. As you might guess, no two of these firms are identical and you will always want to find a company that ensures that the integrity of the letters remains intact throughout the process, and that originals are returned in tip top shape.

The best will pick up your documents, sort and properly prepare them for high speed scanning, and then name files in an easy to understand manner. They can then deliver a secure disc or drive with the files or give you permanent cloud-based storage of the files. They will also return the original documents safe and sound.

If you have the need for historical letter imaging services, you will want to find a premium provider such as eRecordsUSA that specializes in large format, historical and other types of delicate document imaging.

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