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Historic Documents Digitization / Digitizing Service

Historical Documents Digitizing / Digitization Services?

Historic Documents Digitization / Digitizing Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Imagine your most treasured historical documents. Now, imagine them in the hands of a stranger whose job it is to record and document that item using a high tech scanner and other devices. It probably makes you worried. Whether that document is a handwritten collection of family letters or a document of major historical significance to a company, government or other group, you don’t want anything to happen to it. The good news is that use of a professional quality historical documents digitizing / digitization service actually guarantees that document’s long-term safety and stability.

Protect Delicate Information through Historical Documents Scanning

Historic Documents Digitizing / Digitization Service

Scanning has come a very long way over the years, and today it is possible to provide entirely non-destructive scans of even the most fragile materials. Packing and shipping them may be more challenging than actually digitizing the content, and at eRecordsUSA, you can have them actually pickup the materials, do all of the scanning, and have them return them safely in their original condition.

The files are of the highest resolution possible and can feature optical character recognition in order to make them searchable once the conversion is complete. They feature images and text and can be in full color or black and white. You can request everything from JPEG and PDF to WORD files from this historical document digitizing service / historical document digitization service, and cloud storage can make them easier to manage than ever.

Why should you convert your archives at all? One of the most important reasons to use a historical documents digitizing / historical documents digitization service is due to the fact that archives and historical items are never guaranteed to survive over the long term. Paper acidity, molds and mildews, and the ravages of time can cause them to break down. Why risk losing them altogether when safe, conscientious and high-quality book and document scanning is available?

Historical documents are delicate and require significant care. Our historical documents scanning service provides protection and ensures ease of access to information.

Brittle, fragile, delicate – these are just some of the terms that can be applied to historical documents. They must be handled with care, which means few people can actually access the information they contain. Historical documents scanning provides the protection necessary for these valuable documents while making the information widely available.

Benefits of Digitizing Archives for Historical Media

At eRecordsUSA, our historical documents scanning service provides a wide range of benefits. For instance, you are able to digitize those documents and make the information available to organization members or the general public through the Internet. Once the information has been digitized, the actual document itself can be stored in a hermetically sealed environment, providing substantial protection without the need for future access.

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients in need of historical documents scanning, including the following:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Libraries
  • American Legion locations
  • Historical societies
  • Private collectors
  • Estates

Historical Document Scanning Solution

At eRecordsUSA, we understand the need for painstaking care and patience when working with fragile historical documents. Our team follows specific protocols to avoid damage, and our scanners are state of the art. The result is nothing less than unlocking the information contained in your document for easier sharing while protecting the actual document itself for future generations.

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