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Historic Document Scanning Service

Cutting Costs in Historic Document Scanning Services Isn’t Worth It, and Here’s Why

Historic Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

When it comes to historic document scanning services, it can be true that some facilities find the price just out of their budget. This is a delicate procedure that requires specialized equipment and lots of care, in order to ensure that the historic documents are not damaged during the scanning process. However, cutting costs by going without an Historic Document Scanning Service can be more expensive in the long run. If you don’t agree, consider the following costs:

Historic Document Scanning Services
If you are storing historic documents for a large library or academic institution, you’ll need to decide where records will be stored. This usually involves costs such as building leasing, climate control, transporting the documents to the location, paying for shelving or other storage solutions, and more. If the historic documents are of particular value, you may also have to pay for security solutions. Later, you’ll need to decide how you plan to control your inventory, which is likely to lead to many thousands of dollars in employee labor, not to mention the costs of software.

Finally, you’ll have to worry about the costs related to the loss of your documents. If you choose not to use an historic document scanning service, your documents are at risk of damage from water, mold, moths, and other natural disasters or pests. Preventing this, insuring your documents against loss, or replacing those that aren’t sole copies, can be another major cost. As you can see, the cost of digitizing documents instead can actually be quite a large savings. Historic document scanning services can make it easier to do away with many of these costs, and can also make it far easier to allow access to your vault of documents for employees, patrons, and more.

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