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Document Scanning Services Liberate Data While Protecting Documents

Document scanning services ensure that data is freely accessible while protecting delicate, fragile, and valuable documents. Learn more here.

Documents come in a wide range of types, from student transcripts to building blueprints, and everything in between. Each of those documents contains important information, but it can be difficult to access, particularly if you have a significant number of documents that must be sorted through manually. Document scanning services take the pain out of the process, while simultaneously protecting important or valuable documents.

The Technology Behind Document Scanning Services

eRecordsUSA uses advanced image scanning, color correction, and image enhancement technology. This allows us to scan any document or image, from tax records to historical photographs. In addition, we employ OCR technology to recognize any text in an image and make it searchable.

Document Scanning Services – The Benefits

We are proud to have helped so many of our clients enjoy significant benefits through our services. These benefits include:

  • Reduced time in organizing and searching for information
  • Reduced paper waste/greener operations
  • Improved productivity for staff
  • Improved use of office/facility space

Our Document Scanning Services

At eRecordsUSA, we offer a broad range of document scanning services, including the following:

  • Large format scanning
  • Financial documents scanning
  • Legal documents scanning
  • Newspaper and magazine scanning
  • State, local, and federal government scanning
  • Photos and album scanning
  • Insurance and mortgage document scanning
  • Book scanning
  • Aperture card scanning

Contact us today to learn more about our document scanning services. Whether you need to digitize a family photo album or an entire business library, we look forward to helping you.

Scanning Documents

eRecordsUSA is pleased to offer document scanning services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we have enhanced our service to include pick up and return of your scanned documents, so you don’t have to devote time and effort to bringing your documents to us.

Our clients include local government as well as businesses in the Bay Area, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and very reasonable pricing. We stand out amongst our competition in that we offer basic document preparation, OCR, de-skew, de-speckle and rotation as part of our basic service, and we also humanly audit each and every image before it is delivered to you.

Digital Transformation Solutions for Energy Utility Sector

The eRecordsUSA Difference

Our document scanning service in Fremont, CA is predicated entirely on quality. We have the ability, in-house, to translate large volumes of documentation into electronic data, and with our state of the art equipment, there is practically nothing that we can’t scan. We offer:

  • Standard paper scanning
  • Data entry and form scanning
  • Medical and legal document scanning
  • Photo, negative and slide scanning
  • Transparency scanning
  • Large format scanning for blueprints, maps, plans and engineering drawings
  • Book scanning
  • OCR
  • Newspaper scanning
  • Magazine scanning

We can even scan your kids’ artwork if you like, and we can output images to any format you desire, and we can also transfer your images to CD or DVD, or upload them to the cloud.

The Benefits of Document Scanning Services

With eRecordsUSA’s scanning service, you’ll save time and money. You’ll find the information you need faster, when you need it. You’ll be able to devote your attention to other tasks, and work more productively growing your business.

eRecordsUSA is a professional document scanning company with years of experience in virtually any type of document conversion you can think of. Our skilled personn can handle any size job. We’d love to have an opportunity to talk with you, and provide you with a free estimate. When you choose our document scanning service, you know that your Fremont, CA business can be assured that your documents are in safe, competent hands.

For pricing information on any of our Document Scanning in San Francisco CA, or for further information, please call us at 855-722-6669 or email us at info@eRecordsUSA.com. Other Services we offer are Mortgage Documents Scanning Services / Data Capture Indexing Services / Data Entry Services Outsourcing / Paper To Digital Services.

Document Scanning Company in San Francisco Bay Area

eRecordsUSA a leading document scanning company, provides document scanning services for all over the country. We help offices and individuals make that exciting switch from paper to digital. All of our scanning services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to receive a free quote or a sample of what we can do.

Best Document Scanning Company

eRecordsUSA is a woman-owned business, based in California, whichservices clients across the USA. While we may be a small business, we are able to handle small and large scale projects without ever outsourcing any responsibilities.

Our facility is able to combine the personalized services of a small business with the high quality and efficient results you would expect from a large document scanning company.

Proven Techniques and Scanning Equipment

As mentioned, all of our services are performed in-house. This is because we only trust your projects to our highly trained and experienced team. Thanks to many years of providing document scanning services, our professionals know which techniques will deliver the best possible results.

At eRecordsUSA, we do not have any commitments to any particular document scanning company. Therefore, we have no obligation to use a certain brand or manufacturer. Instead, we are consistently upgrading only to the products that we know will provide the most accurate and valuable results.

Electronic Document Conversion Services

In addition to providing digitizing documents, we also provide PDF conversion services to our customers. Using innovative optical character recognition (OCR) software, we can convert your document images into electronic documents that can be searched.

The services described here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the document scanning solutions that eRecordsUSA can provide to you.

To learn more, or to receive a free, no obligation, quote for document service from leading document scanning company, call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at info@eRecordsUSA.com.