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Document Scanning Offers Cost & Efficiency Benefits to Businesses Worldwide

IDC in its whitepaper ‘Scanning brings cost and efficiency benefits to a wide range of common, everyday business processes’ says that it has seen many US companies gain benefits through the use of document scanning services as a means to bring cost efficiency and productivity to their respective business processes.

The fact is, scanning facilitates the movement of cumbersome paper based business processes to efficient electronic processes.  According to this whitepaper, the key benefits experienced by companies which have transitioned their paper processes to electronic processes include:

Accessibility: Companies state that pulling out documents is faster and more efficient when they are stored in electronic format.  Paper files have a tendency to get lost, misplaced or sometimes destroyed.

Cost benefits – Companies are looking at various ways to reduce costs and document scanning provides them with cost benefits in terms of freeing up their manpower to focus on more meaningful tasks instead of spending time on filing and retrieving paper documents.  There are times when companies are required to pull out old documents and send them to customers.  Quick turnaround time with scanned documents ensures that customer satisfaction levels increase considerably.

Security:  Security is extremely important for documents.  In earlier times, documents of importance used to be stored in safe places to ensure that they would not be destroyed. With document scanning these same documents can be stored in secure e-files and accessibility can be limited to ensure safety.

Compliance with government regulations: Scanning has helped companies comply with government-mandated initiatives (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley[SOX] Act, USA PATRIOT Act) related to document retention and retrieval.

Compatibility: Scanned documents are compatible with enterprise software making supply chains to perform more efficiently.

While all companies and businesses can experience and enjoy the benefits of scanning, some of the functions which experience increased efficiency include Accounting and Finance departments where purchase orders, invoices, receipts etc. can be scanned and stored in electronic form. Human resource departments usually gather a lot of paper related to resumes and applications. These too can be scanned and stored.  Similarly, departments like marketing which bring out various collaterals, general administration departments which have paper flow in the form of proforma invoices and invoices can benefit from document scanning.

Companies worldwide are using scanning to ensure that the paper versions of the documents can be stored in electronic format and instead of using internal resources to do the scanning; they are turning to partners who can provide this service in a cost efficient manner. eRecordsUSA provides document scanning amongst several other services to businesses in healthcare, legal and financial fields. The eRecordsUSA file scanning service is done using state-of-art hardware for any file or document type.

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