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Why We Need Document Scanning Services?

Why Document Scanning?

At eRecordsUSA Professional document scanning is performed by using top notch equipment to convert documents into accessible electronic formats. It offers companies a way to digitize their filing system, which in return increases productivity in the workplace.

Types of Documents Scanned
A professional document scanning provider such as eRecordsUsa is able to scan any document, from legal documents, photos or books to large maps, plans, or drawings. Whether your document is in black and white, color, or gray-scale, it is possible to scan it and convert it to a desired format with minor or no loss in quality. If you are looking to scan your bank statements, tax records, student records, laboratory notes, photos, plans, test reports, or insurance forms, our specialized scanning bureau can perform all types of document scanning and convert your files to easy-to-read formats placed on CDs and DVDs.

Document Scanning in Bulk
If you have a large set of documents to scan, then you have come to the right place, as eRecordsUSA can easily and quickly scan hundreds or even thousands of documents for you, convert them to desired formats, and deliver them on a handful of CDs or DVDs.

Converting the Files to a Specific Format
The resulting digital format is up to your preference. We can convert to almost any type of image format, including JPEG, GIF, PDF, TIFF, and BMP. Using our document scanning software, we can also convert the pages into text to be used in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Acrobat, or ASCII.

Burning the Files to Disk
After the scanning process is done, the resulting files are then simply burned onto a CD and are ready to be delivered back to you. One CD can hold up to about 10,000 pages. If you prefer, we can use a DVD, which is larger and can hold up to 70,000 pages. CD’s and DVDs are easy to backup and archive and take up a lot less space than 10,000 pieces of paper.

Document scanning services offers a safe, secure, and convenient way to store and share files throughout your network, saving time on searching for the right document in hundreds, if not thousands of files. No more lost files and misfiled documents, no more hours spent in the file room looking for lost documents, as everything you need will be in one place – at your desk – whenever you want it. Or if you need to take work home with you, you can simply pick up the right CD or DVD and take it home; there is no need to pack large, cumbersome files.

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