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Digitizing the Rare and Fragile Services

Digitizing the Rare and Fragile Services

Digitizing the Rare and Fragile Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

As you go through life you begin to collect documents, photos, books, and letters that have special meaning to you. These items can be quite rare and fragile making it all the more important to find a practical way to protect and store them. Preserving and protecting these items shouldn’t be a stressful undertaking for you, and you should have peace of mind that you’ve gone about it in the right way. Digitizing the rare and fragile items is an excellent route for people to take, whether it be personal items, items in a library, research center, school, or any other place.

Digitizing the Rare and Fragile Services

There is no need to dispose of the items once you scan them, you can still keep them around, but now you have a back-up when it comes to a copy of them. This digital copy won’t rip, break, get lost, get stolen, or damaged. It’s also available to more than one person to view, read, and enjoy.

You may be wondering how you digitize rare items like a statue, a painting, and other large items. The best way to go about it is to take a photograph of the item, and then digitize that photo. Now granted it is probably too large of a task, and too costly of a task to digitize every rare and fragile item you may have in your home, office, or institution, but you can cherry-pick those really important items and at least get a digital scan of them.

A good way to prioritize which items to digitize if you can’t do them all, is to sort them by importance and impact on the future. Don’t worry so much about value, and the age of an item, it’s about preserving and protecting those rare and fragile pieces that are important to be seen.

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