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digitizing your old newspapers

Guidelines for Digitizing Old Newspapers

Digitizing old newspapers service in San Francisco Bay Area

Digitizing old newspapers is a great way to store them permanently without ever fearing losing them or damage. Libraries and cultural institutions often need the digitizing old newspapers service.

Digitizing Old Newspapers

The process of turning old newspapers into electronic format involves planning the digitization project based on the volume size. Then, the scanning is performed by an experienced staff member of the document scanning services company. Normally, these scanning services will also include what is called an Optical Character Recognition service or OCR. With this service, the newspaper in digital format is now easily searchable from the computer.

It is also important to store the digitized old newspapers in a cloud service or any other online hosting so that they are accessible from anywhere. Especially in the case of libraries, newspaper collections need to be accessible to members in a suitable online format, which also saves costs.

The digital preservation of old newspapers needs to be done with a customized solution that caters to the needs of the specific project. Some old newspapers might have some damage or wear, thus the importance of working with an experienced staff member of a reliable newspaper digitizing service. Digitizing old newspapers into electronic format is the most cost effective and reliable way to store them permanently.

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