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Digitizing Archival Material

Digitizing Archival Materials Made Easy

Digitizing Archival Materials in San Francisco Bay Area, California


Whether you are confronted with an enormous archive of materials or a relatively manageable assortment of items, the simple fact is that it can be quite challenging to begin tackling the digitizing of archival materials. After all, most archives are rarely limited to similarly-sized paper documents alone. Instead, there are often ledgers, books, posters, photos, loose documents and more. Often, some items are oversized or fragile, or both, and this can make it seem like the archive will have to remain as is.

Digitizing Archival Material

Fortunately, that is not the case and you can now safely, effectively and easily get even the oddest assortment of materials digitized. The key is to work with a premium provider of digitizing services, which means premium scanning and conversion of files into whatever formats work best.

As an example, if you are eager to begin digitizing archival materials, you may want the firm doing the work to pick up the items rather than having them shipped. You want that same firm to be able to sort and adequately prepare the items to be scanned, and then use equipment that does not damage or jeopardize the materials in any way. They should be willing to return the items or even destroy them if you do not need them returned. They should also name files accordingly and then load them to a cloud server or to a secure media.

Even more importantly, as you begin digitizing archival materials, your provider should not demand a specific schedule of deliveries or pickups. Instead, they should be found if you send materials on a weekly basis, bi-weekly, monthly or at whatever pace works best for your particular strategy.

At eRecordsUSA, you find one such provider. Offering comprehensive scanning for archival materials of all kinds, including historical documents and large format items, they are a good resource for archivists of all kinds.

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