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Digitizing Aging Photos Services

3 Good Reasons for Digitizing Aging Photos Services

Digitizing Aging Photos Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Have you ever digitized a pre-existing photo? What that means is simple. It means you took a slide, negative or print, and scanned it into a computer program. You then saved it in a format such as JPEG or TIFF, which let you view it with most programs or share it easily with others. In this era of premium camera phones, we can forget that we have many aging prints that still need attention, or we can continually choose to overlook them because handling them is a challenge.

Digitizing Aging Photos Service

This is why eRecordsUSA encourages customers to consider digitizing aging photos using their many service options, and for the three following reasons:

>> Rather than dedicating many dozens of hours scanning and handling image files, even giving up on it because it takes so long, you can send your prints, negatives and slides and have them digitized and turned into workable files.

>> When you opt for digitizing aging photos service in this way, you get high-resolution scans in whatever format you choose. You can be sure that accurate colors are captured (whether sepia, Kodachrome, color or one of those hard to describe vintage hues) and that you can then use professional photo editing to make fantastic prints. Alternately, you can print “as is” and enjoy that retro look.

>> However, something to keep in mind when digitizing aging photos is that the process is a protective one. It ensures you get your original prints or negatives back in the best shape, but it also means you are never again at risk of losing the photos.

Those aging photos may look old due to low-quality printing materials, exposure to the environment and the passage of time. When you use digitizing aging photos service, that process is halted, and you have a pristine image to use or share, and the originals can go into archival storage while you enjoy your new and durable prints.

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