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Digital Storage & Scanning Legal Documents is the Latest Trend for Law Firms

Law firms in the US are moving to paperless offices as digitization has more perceivable benefits. These firms are appreciating the value of legal scanning such as quick and improved access to information, reduced storage space in comparison to hard copies and a sure fire disaster recovery method.

Uses of Scanning Legal Documents

Resource Management: Legal documents scanning services ensures that files can be shared both internally and externally with clients, in real time. Because of its ability to be stored and emailed electronically, cost and time is cut down considerably as otherwise document sharing would require physical visits to be undertaken. Couriering or mailing documents is equally cumbersome, time consuming and expensive.

Disaster Recovery: Legal scanning ensures continuity of operations even if disaster like a fire strikes. Scanned documents can be backup copies of vital records and there is the assurance that this information is always available. Scanning also ensures adherence to regulatory laws as and compliance with Federal Records Management regulations.

Safe management of old documents: It is also likely that legal offices often deal with ancient documents which may include fragile paper records. These records are of vital importance but are vulnerable to age related damage. Digitizing these documents ensures that the original versions are stored for posterity.

Security for important documents: Often, legal documents can contain key evidence which might require audits, and be available for discovery demands and enquiries. Many of these documents are extremely time sensitive. Digital records ensure that store and search is much simpler and provides for a professional work atmosphere for all concerned.

Infrastructure Management: Legal offices require a large amount of space to be dedicated to storing paper files. Real estate space in premium localities is very expensive and most of this is probably being used up by files and old documents which cannot be destroyed or thrown away. With legal documents scanning, one can ensure that space is freed up for more comfortable working quarters.

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