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Large Scale Document Scanning - Digitize All Paper Records

May 28th 2020 | Posted By: eRecordsUSA

Large Scale Document Scanning to Protect Vital Information from Loss

Protect hardcopy paper documents from degradation, destruction, and loss with our large-format document scanning service. Learn more about how eRecordsUSA can protect your documents.

Businesses and organizations thrive on data but safeguarding that information can be challenging. This is particularly true if you’re still storing information in hardcopy format. Our large scale document scanning service offers the protection and peace of mind you need.



Turning Your Wide Format Document Images into a Searchable Database

Apr 26th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Digitizing your documents is a great way to create a database that makes work much more convenient. Once your wide format documents have bene turned into digital files with professional wide format document imaging service provider, you now have the opportunity to create your very own database of blueprints, art pieces, schematics, historic records, and more. Wide format document images can be organized in a variety of ways. Here are some great tips for creating a usable database that is easy to search, quickly to use, and convenient for sharing and collaboration:

Tagging is a method of attaching a keyword to any wide format document images that you want to be able to pull up in a few seconds. Tags can be anything you may want to organize your files by wide format document imaging services. For example, you may choose to tag all blueprints by the name of the building, by the year of...


Protect from Natural Disasters with Wide Format Document Digitization Service

Apr 14th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Most of the conversation surrounding wide format document digitization service is about how convenient it is. It makes it easier to search and organized documents; it improves workplace productivity and cuts down on messy storage areas; and it makes it easier to share documents with anyone, at any time, instantly. Digitization can also help you reduce storage costs for your wide format documentation, and protect items such as historic manuscripts safe from daily use while still providing the public with the knowledge and history stored within.

But there’s one other very important benefit of wide format document digitization service: the ability to protect information from natural disasters. While many documents may be able to be saved from a little bit of mildew, mold, or moth damage, what happens if your storage area floods or if a fire breaks out? If a tornado strikes and your...


Help Your Office Go Paperless with Wide Format Document Digitizing Services

Jan 13th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

More industries than ever rely on paperless solutions for their office documents. From inventories to invoices, seeing physical paperwork is becoming more and rarer. But there are some documents that just don’t lend themselves to simple digitization. Wide format document digitizing services are designed to help busy professionals upload their blueprints, schematics, historical records, ledgers, and other oversized documents to the digital world. Making the shift from physical documents to a fully digital archive can be new, so here’s how to help your office make the move smoothly:

First, share with your employees or partners the value of going digital. These wide format document digitizing services will help everyone save time, reduce operating and storage costs, collaborate faster, and share documents with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Next, you need to define exactly what you need. Do you need a dynamic inventory that can be tagged for easy...


Professional Wide Format Imaging Services

Oct 11th 2015 | Posted By: Webmaster

Engineers often need wide format imaging service for their building projects. Imaging and custom prints are a vital part of any engineering work. These large prints are done with what is called a wide format scanner.

Some of the industries that use wide format imaging services are:

>> Engineers >> Architects >> GIS >> Building services >> Construction >> Facilities managers >> Photographers >> Artists >> Large Commercial Graphics >> CAD drawing offices

The most advanced wide format imaging service provider will have software that combines scanning and copying, allowing the professional to bring his or her documents in a USB pen drive and scan it from there. This makes for a very easy and productive process for the professional, saving him or her time that could be spent on the project instead.

Also, wide format imaging service should be speedy and flexible without...


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