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The Value of Legacy Photos Scanning Services

Mar 3rd 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Ask any firefighter what people get the most upset about losing in a home fire and chances are it is family photos that top the list of material possessions. Today, we have digital cameras that send images to the cloud or some other sort of online storage, and so that worry is being eliminated. However, the older photos, for which there are no negatives and no backups can be easily lost to fire, flood or other disasters. It is why legacy photos scanning services are so important.

Using them means making high-resolution copies that are no longer at risk of loss or damage. At eRecordsUSA, you can take those precious antique family photos or those historic images and use their legacy photos scanning services to ensure they are preserved for generations to come.

Of course, there is more to the value of photo scanning of this kind. After all, by...


Do You Need a Photo Archiving Services?

Feb 20th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

It is fairly surprising to many when they take stock of the number of photographic prints, slides, and negatives they own. Many people think along the lines of “someday I’ll organize them”, and many even have ideas of putting together albums of favorite prints. Yet, getting there is a battle, and this is when a photo archiving services can be so beneficial.

How? It is a service that can scan in all of the prints, slides and negatives, organizing them into groups that you can then sort to your own system with a few clicks. Whether you do that through a cloud-based storage solution or by getting your images on discs after scanning, it is a great way to protect your precious photos and actually see them in frames or albums – even online albums.

If you are someone with a lot of images relating to work – such as a...


Simple Tips for Preserving Your Aging Photos

Feb 7th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

You may not know that the frame, backing material, and location of old photos can all play a role in the longevity of those images. The old family photo left in a sunny spot and in a frame that uses a non-archival backing may quickly fade and deteriorate. If you wish to get the best results with preserving your aging photos, you need to ensure they are out of harm’s way.

What other steps can you take to ensure you are preserving your aging photos to the best degree possible? Have you considered having them digitized? Though putting them in archival quality albums with the lowest acid paper and photo protectors is a good start, some water leaks, fire or other issues can see all of your efforts go to waste. If, on the other hand, you had the originals scanned and digitized, there would no longer be any sort of risk for loss, fading or damage.


The Many Benefits of a Photo Digitizing Services

Dec 30th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Do you have family albums full of prints? Maybe you are tasked with handling a collection of historical photos relating to your company or community? Maybe you have a massive archive of images from a publication of some kind and wish to preserve and organize them – including many negatives or slides? If so, eRecordsUSA has premier photo digitizing service solutions for all of these scenarios.

Firstly, it helps to understand that photo digitizing simply means taking any sort of hard copy of a photo – whether it be a slide, negative or print – and scanning it to turn it into a premium digital file. This can be a JPEG, TIFF or other variety as a customer requires. Files are named and burned to CDs or DVDs, or they are saved to a cloud-based online storage site.

How is this of benefit? Firstly, the photo digitizing service takes care...


Is a Bulk Photo Scanning Service the Right Solution?

Dec 27th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

It is not unusual for people in the modern era to have stacks of processed photos and negatives laying around. Whether those images and negatives are in the archives of a periodical or newspaper or the hands of a private individual, they are often valued by many others. Though they can be sorted into albums and stored somewhere safe, this is not the optimal solution. Instead, the bulk photo scanning service options like those from eRecordsUSA are a far superior way to handle them.

Why? Let’s say that you are a private individual with around 100 envelopes of photographic prints dating to the 1980s. You might start to make your way through a few of those envelopes and then get tired of the time it is taking for you to go through them, match them to their negatives and decide which to keep or toss. You might make the mistake of throwing away the images or leaving them in a place where they can get damaged...


3 Good Reasons for Digitizing Aging Photos Services

Dec 18th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Have you ever digitized a pre-existing photo? What that means is simple. It means you took a slide, negative or print, and scanned it into a computer program. You then saved it in a format such as JPEG or TIFF, which let you view it with most programs or share it easily with others. In this era of premium camera phones, we can forget that we have many aging prints that still need attention, or we can continually choose to overlook them because handling them is a challenge.

This is why eRecordsUSA encourages customers to consider digitizing aging photos using their many service options, and for the three following reasons:

>> Rather than dedicating many dozens of hours scanning and handling image files, even giving up on it because it takes so long, you can send your prints, negatives and slides and have them digitized and turned into...


4 Reasons to Rely on a Family Photo Scanning Services

Nov 2nd 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

If your family is like most, there are a few iconic images that everyone, at almost any age, recognizes. The black and white wedding photo of a set of beloved grandparents, the military photos of the uncle or aunt who served proudly, the photos of the old family homestead as it changed over the years…each generation might cherish those images, but does everyone have a good copy? With a family photo scanning service, you can have a high-resolution scan made of the iconic shots, and entire family albums. This can preserve those images over the long term, and let everyone enjoy access to files ideal for premium prints.

There are so many reasons to rely on a family photo scanning services, and here are four that should inspire you to use such services right away:

Access – As we said, not everyone has a copy of a coveted photo,...


4 Things to Know about Large Format Photo Album Scanning Services

Sep 11th 2015 | Posted By: Webmaster

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and that is no truer than when it comes to the pictures of your family. Photo albums tell the story of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. They tell the story of your life, and of your children’s lives. They connect you to the past in a way that the written word never can. They’re irreplaceable, too, which can be a problem. Pictures don’t last forever. Even the most protected photo albums will eventually degrade, the pictures fading to only a ghost of their former beauty.

Large format photo album scanning services can help protect those priceless family treasures. What is this type of scanning and how does it ensure that your family’s history and heritage are preserved?

Scanning Large Format Photo Albums Photo albums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but older albums were often very large. This can make storing them a challenge, as well as preserving the...


High Quality and Affordable Historic Photo Scanning Services

Jul 5th 2015 | Posted By: Webmaster

If you’ve been looking and found many options for Historic Photo Scanning Services, you may want to consider the best practices for digitizing images and do your research before committing to one service provider. Your photos are important to you, especially if they are historical pieces.

Museums, cultural organizations, and libraries hire the services of historic photo scanning companies to handle such delicate items. These photos need to be handled with the utmost care by experienced staff. The money value of some historic photos is incalculable, thus the need for a reliable Photo Scanning Services company to scan them.

The process of historic photos scanning services starts with the digitizing of the original photo, negative, or slide, or a copy if the original is not available. Then, an air blower dusts off the photo before it is scanned. After that, the photo is scanned in a clean scanning bed. It is important that the scanning bed is...


Photo Scanning - Do More With Memories

Jul 29th 2012 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa

Bring your pictures, postcards, letters, articles, diplomas and more. Get all your photos stored in boxes, attic, garages and convert them into Memories forever.

Make the moments of your life digital Receive your memories on a KODAK Picture CD, or additionally, on DVD, to display, print, share and preserve digitally.

eRecordsUsa offers the highest quality and most affordable photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning, and photo restoration services. Special Pricing for large volume scans. Call us and you will be Surprised.

We enhance your photos too !

Correct red-eye and improve colors Pictures and Documents Turn memories into great gifts and other possibilities

Create photo books or add pictures on T-shirts, mugs, calendars, greetings cards and more with the scanned image.

eRecordsUSA photo scanning service makes it easy for you, as well as a friend or loved one, to do more with your memories. Digitize...


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