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Steps to Scan & Digitize Old Photos - Photo Scanning & Digitizing

Feb 2nd 2023 | Posted By: redblink

Scan and Digitize Old Photos

If you want to know, how to preserve old photos digitally? The options are scanning them with a smartphone, using a scanner, or sending them to a photo scanning service. Preserving old photographs is an important task to keep our memories and family history alive. With the advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to scan and digitize old photos

Scanning and digitizing old photos not only preserves the original photographs but also allows us to share them with others in a digital format. In this article, we will discuss the steps to scan and digitize old photographs, including the equipment and software needed, as well as tips to ensure the best results.

Introduction to Photo Scanning

Photo Scanning and Digitizing is an important task for many people, as it serve as a tangible link to our past and are often irreplaceable family treasures. However, as time goes on, these photographs can become...


Convert Old Photos to Digital Service - Digitize Photos

Jul 25th 2021 | Posted By: eRecordsUSA

What is the best way to convert old photos to digital copies, this questions comes to your mind many times. As we all know in this digital era, everything is on your mobile or virtually stored. Why not, your old photos? You can easily back up and preserve old photos by turning them into digital copies with simple scanning methods.



How to Digitize Your Negatives and Slides?

Oct 7th 2020 | Posted By: eRecordsUSA

You know that box of pictures on the top shelf in the back of the closet, that one that has the old prints on the top, and on the bottom are the sleeves of negatives? Or perhaps you have a tub in the attic with boxes of color slides from trips and reunions and events?

Today, of course, we are digital people, and, when we take photos, they often get uploaded immediately to cloud storage from which we then select the precious ones for social media.



Options for Digitizing Historical Photographs Services

Jul 11th 2018 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa


As the owner of historical photographs, you might have a small and private collection with importance to only a limited number of people, such as family and extended family, and which includes framed portraits, old hand-tinted images, and so on. On the other hand, you might have an enormous archive of relevant and important images, negatives, slides, and other graphics and you might worry about the best ways of preserving them while still making them accessible. The good news is that digitizing historical photographs is a viable approach for both scenarios.

As it sounds, digitizing historical photographs service means scanning them, turning them into any number of digital formats (JPG, BMP, and so on) and then storing them on some preferred system. You might wish to use cloud storage to make the files readily accessible to all, but you may also find some sort of secure media more...


Tips to Scan Your Family Photos & Albums

Apr 30th 2018 | Posted By: eRecordsUSA

Do you have a few boxes of random family photos from decades past? Maybe you have some historical images that you acquired as you did a bit of genealogy? If you are like most, you have a larger assortment than you can manage and you probably want to begin preserving, organizing and even displaying or sharing them. The following tips to scan your family photos & albums can help you get off to a good start.

>> Think about professional support – If the idea of using a scanner intimidates or exhausts you, turn to providers like eRecordsUSA for help. They can do bulk jobs or jobs of small size, and yet you always get the very best results. In fact, they rate as one of the best tips to scan your family  photos & albums because they can handle slides, negatives, prints and even large documents and artwork. Since most families have such mixed collections of materials,...



Mar 3rd 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster


The Value of Legacy Photos Scanning Services, Ask any firefighter what people get the most upset about losing in a home fire and chances are it is family photos that top the list of material possessions. Today, we have digital cameras that send images to the cloud or some other sort of online storage, and so that worry is being eliminated. However, the older photos, for which there are no negatives and no backups can be easily lost to fire, flood or other disasters. It is why legacy photos scanning services are so important.

Using them means making high-resolution copies that are no longer at risk of loss or damage. At eRecordsUSA, you can take those precious antique family photos or those historic images and use their legacy photos scanning services to ensure they are preserved for generations...


Bulk Photo Scanning Service - The Right Solution

Dec 27th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

It is not unusual for people in the modern era to have stacks of processed photos and negatives laying around. Whether those images and negatives are in the archives of a periodical or newspaper or the hands of a private individual, they are often valued by many others. Though they can be sorted into albums and stored somewhere safe, this is not the optimal solution. Instead, the bulk photo scanning service options like those from eRecordsUSA are a far superior way to handle them.

Why? Let’s say that you are a private individual with around 100 envelopes of photographic prints dating to the 1980s. You might start to make your way through a few of those envelopes and then get tired of the time it is taking for you to go through them, match them to their negatives and decide which to keep or toss. You might make the mistake of throwing away the images or leaving them in a place where they can get damaged...


4 Reasons to Rely on a Family Photo Scanning Services

Nov 2nd 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

If your family is like most, there are a few iconic images that everyone, at almost any age, recognizes. The black and white wedding photo of a set of beloved grandparents, the military photos of the uncle or aunt who served proudly, the photos of the old family homestead as it changed over the years…each generation might cherish those images, but does everyone have a good copy? With a family photo scanning services, you can have a high-resolution scan made of the iconic shots, and entire family albums. This can preserve those images over the long term, and let everyone enjoy access to files ideal for premium prints.

There are so many reasons to rely on a family photo scanning services, and here are four that should inspire you to use such services right away:

Access – As we said, not everyone has a copy of a coveted...


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