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Should You Attempt Scanning Documents into Word?

Jan 29th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Scanning documents into Word is something individuals can do on their own with the right equipment, but if you plan on scanning large quantities it’s time to look at a professional document scanning service. Obviously the scanning process is simple enough. If you’ve got a scanner at home you know you can take care of it in just a couple of quick steps. But chances are your scanner is not the highest resolution, and there’s a good chance you don’t have the latest OCR technology. This stands for optical character recognition which is able to recognize the text in a document and read it. Why is this important? It’s important because in your digital file of the document you’ll then be able to search by text.

There are all kinds of different file formats that you can scan documents into word happens to be a very popular choice. You can literally take files, boxes, and even filing cabinets full of documents and have them scanned into a Word document. This is...


Protecting Fragile and Non-Fragile Documents and Bound Materials

Jan 14th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Businesses and individuals can be in possession of bound materials that are fragile and protecting them may be a top priority. Even if they are non-fragile loose leaf items, you still may be looking for a way to protect them so that they don’t get to the fragile state. The worst thing you can do with these fragile items is to handle them; even if you’re only handling them once in a while you are still causing damage in the long run. Loose leaf items such as photos and letters, bound materials, and documents can all fall under the category of fragile, so what’s the best way to protect them?

Digitizing these materials is the very best solution all around, no matter if you’re talking about photograph digitizing, digitizing bound materials, or loose leaf items. Once you have that digital copy you know that these items will no longer run the risk of being damaged.

This doesn’t mean you should resort to your at-home scanner. These scanners are nowhere near...


Digitizing the Rare and Fragile Services

Jan 8th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

As you go through life you begin to collect documents, photos, books, and letters that have special meaning to you. These items can be quite rare and fragile making it all the more important to find a practical way to protect and store them. Preserving and protecting these items shouldn’t be a stressful undertaking for you, and you should have peace of mind that you’ve gone about it in the right way. Digitizing the rare and fragile items is an excellent route for people to take, whether it be personal items, items in a library, research center, school, or any other place.

There is no need to dispose of the items once you scan them, you can still keep them around, but now you have a back-up when it comes to a copy of them. This digital copy won’t rip, break, get lost, get stolen, or damaged. It’s also available to more than one person to view, read, and enjoy.

You may be wondering how you digitize rare items like a statue, a painting, and other large...


The Pros of Scientific Documents Scanning & Bio Engineering Documents Scanning

Jan 7th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Do you work in the fields of science or bio engineering? If so then you are dealing with massive amounts of research, information, notes, and results. Keeping this information protected, safe, and easy to access makes you all the more successful. Without this organization and security you just aren’t able to do your job right. This is where scientific documents scanning services and bio engineering documents scanning services comes into play. It’s an area that is experiencing growth and interest from the scientific community, and for good reasons.

Let’s take a look at engineering documents and bio engineering documents in particular. These are the kinds of documents that contain a lot of detail, the documents themselves are usually large, and they can end up taking up a lot of space in your office. Electronic scanning on a wide-format high resolution scanner provides people with a digital file in DVD/CD format instead. Literally you can shred the paper...


Scanning Documents into PDF – Common Misconceptions

Jan 5th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

There are a number of common misconceptions circling the topic of scanning documents into PDF file format. While it sounds like a simple enough undertaking the fact is that there are a lot of questions, false information, and miscommunication taking place out there. The best place to go for answers is a professional document scanning services provider.

Some may feel that the process is involved, confusing, and just too much of a chore to take on. This couldn’t be further from the truth. “The process is simple,” states eRecordsUSA, a document and book scanning service provider.”You gather your documents together, and box them up,” says the company. That’s literally all you have to worry about. In fact, some companies such as eRecordsUSA will even come and pick up your documents so you can cross that off your list as well.

Another misconception is that you don’t get a choice about what file format your documents are scanned...


What to Look for in a Professional Document Scanning Service

Mar 21st 2015 | Posted By: Webmaster

When looking for Professional document scanning services, you want to find reliable companies that will ensure your documents are safe and the job will be done efficiently. Scanning documents has become commonplace across all industries.

Having the media and documents in digital format helps businesses streamline the communication across all departments so that companies can save time, stay organized, and become more efficient. Modern commerce depends on the digitizing of documents and having those documents readily available whenever needed.

Some companies might be slower in turning to digital formatting because they are used to doing things a different way and sometimes it’s hard to implement a new method. However, bringing documents to digital format can guarantee time efficiency and avoid losing documents. Moving in that direction will eventually become inevitable.

Some company policies might also prevent the digitizing of documents. However, all...


Scanning Documents

Oct 20th 2013 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa

Your business can go through a mountain of paperwork each day. If you have employees, customers or vendors, your company will need to file tax documents as well as other contracts and vendor paperwork. What can your business do to cut down on the paperwork or at least help organize all the files to keep them from getting lost?

Scanning Documents Reduces Clutter And Wasted Space On Your Desk Instead of keeping files and folders on your physical desktop, why not keep them on a digital desktop? A scanned document can be kept on your computer where it can be secured, replicated and kept organized for easy retrieval. When you scan documents onto a computer, it also reduces the need for heavy storage or filing cabinets in your office.

What Happens If You Need A Document? Scanning documents into a computer or onto a tablet makes it easy to get that document whenever you need it. If you are ever audited or an employee demands to see their...


Document Scanning Offers Cost & Efficiency Benefits to Businesses Worldwide

Oct 4th 2013 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa

IDC in its whitepaper ‘Scanning brings cost and efficiency benefits to a wide range of common, everyday business processes’ says that it has seen many US companies gain benefits through the use of document scanning services as a means to bring cost efficiency and productivity to their respective business processes.

The fact is, scanning facilitates the movement of cumbersome paper based business processes to efficient electronic processes.  According to this whitepaper, the key benefits experienced by companies which have transitioned their paper processes to electronic processes include:

Accessibility: Companies state that pulling out documents is faster and more efficient when they are stored in electronic format.  Paper files have a tendency to get lost, misplaced or sometimes destroyed.

Cost benefits – Companies are looking at various ways to reduce costs and document scanning provides them with cost benefits in terms of freeing up their manpower to...


Why We Need Document Scanning Services?

Jul 10th 2012 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa

Why Document Scanning?

At eRecordsUSA Professional document scanning is performed by using top notch equipment to convert documents into accessible electronic formats. It offers companies a way to digitize their filing system, which in return increases productivity in the workplace.

Types of Documents Scanned A professional document scanning provider such as eRecordsUsa is able to scan any document, from legal documents, photos or books to large maps, plans, or drawings. Whether your document is in black and white, color, or gray-scale, it is possible to scan it and convert it to a desired format with minor or no loss in quality. If you are looking to scan your bank statements, tax records, student records, laboratory notes, photos, plans, test reports, or insurance forms, our specialized scanning bureau can perform all types of document scanning and convert your files to easy-to-read formats placed on CDs and DVDs.



Large Format Document Scanning Services

Jun 9th 2012 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa

eRecordsUSA gives amazing large format document scanning, change of your maps, drawings, diagrams, plan sets , etc. to digital format. Our Extensive large format document scanning services and imaging services will have your physical printed version expansive arrangement reports changed over into an electronic organization of your decision rapidly and helpfully, immensely enhancing data openness and upgrading your fiasco recuperation arrangement.

eRecordsUSA has the accompanying large format document scanning abilities:

We can scan large format paper documents of any type We can scan documents OF ANY LENGTH We can scan all document sizes including A, B, C, D, E, J and larger We can scan large-format images with high DPI if requested

eRecordsUSA can scan a variety of Large Format Document Types, a few of them are listed here below

As-Builts, Guide Books, Form Maps, Bundle Maps, Utility Maps, Floor...

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