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The Benefits of Insurance Document Scanning Services

Jun 21st 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster


Insurance firms of any size and variety are also often required to store an ever-increasing number of client files. The policies, applications and all supporting documents can add up quickly for just one client, and when that is multiplied by the hundreds of thousands, it can become incredibly costly. After all, where do you keep all of the paperwork? This is why an insurance document scanning service is an ideal resource.

Though the immediate benefits of an insurance document scanning service are obvious – i.e. the elimination of thousands upon thousands of pages of documentation, there is more to the story. After all, it is not just keeping digital photo copies of the documents on hand. It is also about the options for additional materials. For instance, an insurance file might need medical records, photos, x-rays and more. That means a premium...


How Graphic Arts Scanning Service Can Benefit You

Jun 5th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

It does not matter if you are the archivist of a large collection of drawings and artwork belonging to one or many creators, or you are a modern professional doing custom projects for an array of clients, the option for graphic arts scanning service is a great opportunity.

This is for a few good reasons. The first is that professional graphic arts scanning service providers have equipment superior to anything available to the general public. Capable of the highest resolutions, the largest array of document sizes and types, and all without damaging originals, it makes sense to have professional scanning of most graphics.

Another good reason to turn to expert scanning services is that they can create online or cloud-based storage of the files made or return the files to you in some sort of encrypted media. This brings a lot of advantages. For...


How to Handle Archiving Old Paper Documents.

May 24th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Whether you are an archivist, manage a museum, collector, family genealogist or a large corporation, in need of archiving old paper documents, the prospects are often overwhelming. How will you organize all of these hard copies, and how will you ensure that someone who needs any of the documents can quickly find them? Even more worrisome is just where are you going to store all of the documents? And if you need climate controls, how are you going to handle all of that, too?

The good news is that archiving old paper documents service is easier & economical than ever. There are now premium services offering high resolution and high quality scanning of paper documents of any kind meeting with the NARA guidelines. Whether you have old maps, posters, files, letters, photos or anything else that might belong in an archive, they can be digitized and made easily accessible and...


When to Use Over-sized Documents Scanning Services

Mar 22nd 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Whether you have a lovely collection of old posters or promotional signs, a few important maps, some historical blueprints, or a lot of old periodicals and newspapers you’d like to use, chances are you are afraid to handle them too much. Oversized and fragile, they might be of tremendous value (historically, sentimentally or monetarily), and yet you may not access them as much as you would like. This is why oversized documents scanning service should be your next step.

Just like traditional document and image scanning, oversized documents scanning uses a high-quality system to capture every bit of information from the document. Whether it is the historic blueprints of an old building, a finely detailed map, an art print, or something else, you no longer have to use your camera and hope for the best results if you need a copy. Instead, you can have a premium copy of that...


Streamline Operations with a Mortgage Document Digitizing Services

Feb 2nd 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

A paperless workflow can seem like a dream to anyone in the mortgage or real estate business. After all, a single set of mortgage documents can comprise nearly an entire ream of paper, and it can greatly slow the time to cash and closing. Fortunately, eRecordsUSA offers bulk services, including a mortgage document digitizing service that can segment and prepare documents for optimal efficiency at the closing end.

After all, you always need to be certain that specific segments are within the loan file. Crucial pieces like the deed, title survey and note are only some of these pieces, and yet everything should also be properly indexed and searchable. The mortgage document digitizing service options through eRecordsUSA include traditional scanning of contracts, making it easier than ever to access and electronically share all mortgage and mortgage-related documents. Yet, there is also...


Digitizing Historical Documents In 2021 — An Ultimate Guide

Dec 9th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Digitizing Historical Documents

Many times we have talked about the advantages of document digitization when managing our files at home or in the office. Now it is my turn to expose the value of digitization in a research project of a historical nature within a larger work.

Document digitization has become a loyal ally of researchers, professionals or not, that require documents and files decades old to make certain projects. Thanks to digitization, we can have access to direct sources of information that will be essential in our work, whether it be the preparation of a work for the institute or university, a thesis or a project at a professional level.

The great advantage of the phenomenon of document digitization is that it is a feature that is available to anyone. Surely more than once you have needed to look for a document, printed or photographic, really old, and that due to the passage of time it is impossible to have it in our hands. 

Thanks to the...


Reasons to Consider Legacy Documents Scanning Service

Oct 26th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Investing in archival boxes and envelopes has long been the best way to preserve legacy documents. Historians, archivists and genealogists alike have all come to recognize the tremendous value of archival quality materials, and yet they are not always a guarantee that an item survives the passing of time. From humidity and acidity to unseen insects or mold, a legacy document can perish even as it rests in an archive. This is why legacy documents scanning service is such a valuable option.

To clarify, legacy documents are often one of kind items that are associated with a specific organization or family. For example, in the middle Ages, account books of an estate or property provide amazing insight into everyday life and times. Yet, the same applies to that old ration book or journal belonging to one of your ancestors. Both sets of documents are vulnerable to the passage of time, though, and you can ensure you always have access to their information through legacy...


How to Choose a Bulk Document Scanning Services

Apr 19th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Are you in the market for a bulk document scanning service? Do you need numerous pages scanned and converted into digital text? If so, keep reading as we discuss how to decide on a company to do this for you.

Consider Quality

The first thing to think about before hiring a company to handle your scanning needs is the type of quality you demand.

Of course, you want the highest quality possible, but this is also going to come with a higher price.

In this way, you also need to think about your budget before jumping into a project. If you absolutely need high-resolution text, then pay for it. Otherwise, go with a service that will offer you some more affordable options.

Before You Have Bulk Work Done



The Pros of Scientific Documents Scanning & Bio Engineering Documents Scanning

Jan 7th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Do you work in the fields of science or bio engineering? If so then you are dealing with massive amounts of research, information, notes, and results. Keeping this information protected, safe, and easy to access makes you all the more successful. Without this organization and security you just aren’t able to do your job right. This is where scientific documents scanning services and bio engineering documents scanning services comes into play. It’s an area that is experiencing growth and interest from the scientific community, and for good reasons.

Let’s take a look at engineering documents and bio engineering documents in particular. These are the kinds of documents that contain a lot of detail, the documents themselves are usually large, and they can end up taking up a lot of space in your office. Electronic scanning on a wide-format high resolution scanner provides people with a digital file in DVD/CD format instead. Literally you can shred the paper...


Large Format Document Scanning Services

Jun 9th 2012 | Posted By: eRecordsUsa

eRecordsUSA gives amazing large format document scanning, change of your maps, drawings, diagrams, plan sets , etc. to digital format. Our Extensive large format document scanning services and imaging services will have your physical printed version expansive arrangement reports changed over into an electronic organization of your decision rapidly and helpfully, immensely enhancing data openness and upgrading your fiasco recuperation arrangement.

eRecordsUSA has the accompanying large format document scanning abilities:

We can scan large format paper documents of any type We can scan documents OF ANY LENGTH We can scan all document sizes including A, B, C, D, E, J and larger We can scan large-format images with high DPI if requested

eRecordsUSA can scan a variety of Large Format Document Types, a few of them are listed here below

As-Builts, Guide Books, Form Maps, Bundle Maps, Utility Maps, Floor...

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