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Understanding the Benefits of a Historical Document Preservation Service

Nov 16th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Historical documents do not have to date to the 1700s and earlier, nor do they have to be of national or global significance. They can relate strictly to your company or organization, your town or small government agency, or even your family. In all of these cases, the historical documents are of tremendous value, and this is a good reason for everyone to have access to a quality historical document preservation services.

After all, such a service can:

>> Retrieve documents of any size or type from you and make non-destructive scans

>> Those scans can be formatted in as many file types as necessary, and even use OCR to make them fully readable and searchable

>> The historical documents can then be placed in the most appropriate archival materials for long-term storage; never needing to be handled or compromised again



Large Format Fragile Document Scanning is Valuable to All

Oct 30th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Chances are you have at least one large format, somewhat fragile document in your possession. It could be that famous poster or sign that you purchased or acquired in the past. It could be some antique newspapers or periodicals. The large format, fragile document could be of historical value such as a map, set of blueprints or legal document. In fact, archivists often have entire collections of such items, and in all instances, large format fragile document scanning is a fantastic solution to handling them.

No matter the value of a larger and fragile document (whether monetary, historical or sentimental), handling it can lead to its destruction. Folding and unfolding the items, rolling them and keeping them in less than ideal conditions, or simply archiving them without climate controls can lead to losses. The option to use large format fragile document scanning is to eliminating...


Reasons to Consider Legacy Documents Scanning Service

Oct 26th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Investing in archival boxes and envelopes has long been the best way to preserve legacy documents. Historians, archivists and genealogists alike have all come to recognize the tremendous value of archival quality materials, and yet they are not always a guarantee that an item survives the passing of time. From humidity and acidity to unseen insects or mold, a legacy document can perish even as it rests in an archive. This is why legacy documents scanning service is such a valuable option.

To clarify, legacy documents are often one of kind items that are associated with a specific organization or family. For example, in the middle Ages, account books of an estate or property provide amazing insight into everyday life and times. Yet, the same applies to that old ration book or journal belonging to one of your ancestors. Both sets of documents are vulnerable to the passage of time, though, and you can ensure you always have access to their information through legacy...


Methods of Document Storage

Aug 30th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Whether you run a business with hundreds of files of client information, or you have sensitive personal documents like a will or insurance paperwork in your home, document storage is vital. There are two main methods used by document storage services, depending on what format your documents are in currently. When you want to be sure that your information will never be lost or destroyed, storing it correctly is the first step to achieving that goal.

If your documents are in paper format, you have an even more important need for document storage services. Natural disasters like fire and flood, paper-eating pests like mice and insects, and even thieves can threaten your physical documents. A document storage service for these types of documents includes a special facility that keeps documents in lockable, fireproof safes. A bank using safety deposit boxes is one example, but there are also...


Increase Workplace Productivity with Large Format Document Digitization Service

May 22nd 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Everyone wants to increase workplace productivity. The more efficiently employees work, the more profitable the company is as a whole. That translates to better positions for everyone, and it’s hard to come up with anything more important to all sorts of businesses than productive workplace habits. If your company relies on large documents such as blueprints, schematics, or others, there’s one very simple thing you can do to boost workplace productivity is large format document digitization services.

Large format document digitization service takes all of your large materials and turns them into digital documents that can be easily uploaded to Cloud storage, shared with clients or partners, edited, tagged, searched, and more. There are many reasons why this will help improve productivity. Workers who need to be onsite, away from the office, may have experienced the frustrating...


How to Choose a Bulk Document Scanning Services

Apr 19th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Are you in the market for a bulk document scanning service? Do you need numerous pages scanned and converted into digital text? If so, keep reading as we discuss how to decide on a company to do this for you.

Consider Quality

The first thing to think about before hiring a company to handle your scanning needs is the type of quality you demand.

Of course, you want the highest quality possible, but this is also going to come with a higher price.

In this way, you also need to think about your budget before jumping into a project. If you absolutely need high-resolution text, then pay for it. Otherwise, go with a service that will offer you some more affordable options.

Before You Have Bulk Work Done



Cutting Costs in Historic Document Scanning Services Isn’t Worth It, and Here’s Why

Dec 30th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

When it comes to historic document scanning services, it can be true that some facilities find the price just out of their budget. This is a delicate procedure that requires specialized equipment and lots of care, in order to ensure that the historic documents are not damaged during the scanning process. However, cutting costs by going without an Historic Document Scanning Service can be more expensive in the long run. If you don’t agree, consider the following costs:

If you are storing historic documents for a large library or academic institution, you’ll need to decide where records will be stored. This usually involves costs such as building leasing, climate control, transporting the documents to the location, paying for shelving or other storage solutions, and more. If the historic documents are of particular value, you may also have to pay for security solutions. Later, you’ll need to decide how you plan to control your inventory, which is likely...


Oversized Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Nov 28th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Digging into family genealogy is a past time that many people enjoy. Looking through old photo albums, gathering copies of death or marriage certificates, or finding records of immigrating ancestors in historical archives can produce a real feeling of connection to the past and to your family. However, one big problem presents itself when you get a reputation as the family genealogist: where and how do you store all those documents and photographs? Historic documents are often larger than standard paper today, delicate from years of handling, or already faded and damaged. This is where our oversized document scanning services come in.

At eRecordsUSA, we can help you preserve your family history no matter what type of documents you may have. Old blueprints from your great-grandparents’ first home, oversized birth certificates or college diplomas from great-aunts and uncles, historic records of every kind of milestone can be easily turned into a...


Electronic Document Management Services vs. Software

May 5th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

If your office relies on paper records for your client information, inventory, tax paperwork, or any other important internal information, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Paper records may be protected from pests, fire, and flood in a safe, but it’s impossible to assure that physical copies will withstand the test of time and the ravages of nature.

Many businesses are turning to electronic document management services to help them back up their records to a place where they can never be destroyed or lost. Additionally, as businesses move more towards paperless systems, with everything from recording medical information to accepting payments being done entirely through computer systems, an electronic document management service is essential for keeping all your information organized, filed, stored, and managed properly.

There are many types of electronic document management software that can be used to manage a paperless system. However, that requires...


Why and How to Choose a Document Management Services

May 5th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Document management services can help your busy, growing business contain the never-ending flow of information from every direction. When you can focus on providing your customers with a great product or service, your business has much better chances of succeeding. Dealing with all of the paperwork and electronic documents can be handled by a document management service provider.

Choosing the right document management service is vital for ensuring that the technical side of your business stays clearly organized and carefully managed. The main things that you should look for in a provider include the typical characteristics, such as experience in the industry, reliability, good reviews from other clients, and affordable pricing, that you would look for in any other service.

For a document management service, though, you should also consider how close they are to your office. They’ll need to be able to visit the premises to pick up documents if you deal in...


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