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Have You Considered Archiving Paper Documents Electronically?

Aug 27th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Business offices, medical firms, legal offices and many other types of enterprises find themselves awash in paperwork and documents. Though we, supposedly, live in the digital age, there is still the need for many kinds of paperwork. This can become a real hassle in terms of space and management, and it is why archiving paper documents electronically may be a good idea for many such firms.

How is archiving of paper documents electronically actually done? It is a simple process in which documents are delivered or picked up by a high quality scanning company. They sort, prepare and then scan the documents. The very best can even name the files according to your needs and then store them to a dedicated and secure cloud server or send you some sort of encrypted media on which the documents are stored. They can save them in any format needed and can handle everything from reports and...


What to Do When You Need Archival Record Digitization Services

Aug 17th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Archival records are amazingly diverse in terms of their variety and types. You can find books and ledgers, postcards, posters, images, documents and so much more within any collection of archival records, and not all of these items need to be part of a permanent, physical collection. Records are some of the most common in this group, and if you struggle with an enormous range of paper records, archival record digitization services are a good option.

What these services can do is to turn those reams of paper records into easily accessed and searchable digital archives. As an example, you may have a decade’s worth of newsletters from a specific organization or paper registrations for something as mundane as dog licenses. The physical records are of no actual value, and so you can opt to use archival record digitization services to have such items scanned and then stored to the...


Tips for Working with Document Digitization Companies

Aug 1st 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Speak to any archivist and they will usually sing the praises of document digitization companies because they free them from the need to store hard copies of relevant information, but not essential “materials”. In other words, they can free up a lot of space while retaining information and making it easy to search and use.

However, it is not just archivists who can benefit from the use of document digitization companies. Companies of almost any type can also rely on them to get paperwork under control. Whether in law, medicine or any other sort of business, it is not unusual for boxes and boxes of information to accumulate. It is usually necessary to retain this data, at least for a set amount of time. This can make business a bit challenging as you pay for storage of the paper documents or struggle with ever more packed filing cabinets.


Make Paperless Document Management Easier Than Ever

Jul 31st 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

The list of modern businesses that require file sharing is endless. To date, many still use the laborious process of emailing drafts to a group of collaborators and then waiting for changes to be merged. Some are ahead of the curve and use file servers or ftp sites as well as cloud-based systems. These are all excellent ways to make paperless document management an option.

Of course, as the need for this approach to business has emerged, an array of services and systems for paperless document management have appeared, too. Naturally, not all are the same or offer the ideal solutions. For example, it is not just about accessibility to documents on cloud servers. Those same documents must be freely and rapidly synchronized across every device that is going to use or access them. The documents should be saved as multiple versions, and sharing should always be an option. This eliminates...


Learn About the Best Way to Scan and Store Documents

Jul 30th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Whether you are looking at a number of filing cabinets or shelves packed with file boxes, or you have historical or archival documents that need to be dealt with, it is likely that you are also wondering about the best way to scan and store documents. This is a good thing to consider, and there really is only a single answer.

The best way to scan and store documents is to have the scanning done by professionals, and then the storage managed in a cloud-based server or in an encrypted media that only you can access. It does not matter if you have hundreds or thousands of pages to scan or a moderate collection of historical materials, the answer is the same.

Why? It is because few consumers have the equipment needed to do fast and high-resolution scans of documents of any size. Most don’t have the time either. After all, even if you could rapidly...


Do You Have an Effective Strategy for Digitizing Archival Records Service

Jul 23rd 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

If you are part of an organization that maintains an array of archival Records, you know that there are many challenges with such issues. There are archives in which documents, books and even images must be retained, but suffer greatly from any sort of handling. Clearly, such collections are prime candidates for the digitizing of archival Records.

Yet, newspapers, publications and other organizations also have archives, but their documents, books and images may not need to be physically retained over the long term, and that means that digitizing archival Records is also a good option.

Yet, it takes a bit of planning and strategy to transition from hard copies and physical archives to a digital library of such items. This is why you will want to understand the steps required and the options readily available.


Know About Paperless Process Consulting Service

Jul 19th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

If you are in any sort of business that uses archived materials, or which needs data capture from handwritten documents, you might know that it is getting tougher and tougher to find properly qualified services.

For instance, though manual data entry is on the decline, but there is still the need for human handwriting to be read by software or manually transcribed by the human hand. Business documents, medical records and other items have forms and fields that need to be converted. That means that paperless process consulting may be of interest to you.

In essence, paperless process consulting is a service that looks at the documentation your business needs, and then offers solutions that allow you to actually go paperless, even when those issues of handwritten data and data capture are part of the equation.



Digitizing Archival Materials Made Easy

Jul 4th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Whether you are confronted with an enormous archive of materials or a relatively manageable assortment of items, the simple fact is that it can be quite challenging to begin tackling the digitizing of archival materials. After all, most archives are rarely limited to similarly sized paper documents alone. Instead, there are often ledgers, books, posters, photos, loose documents and more. Often, some items are oversized or fragile, or both, and this can make it seem like the archive will have to remain as is.

Fortunately, that is not the case and you can now safely, effectively and easily get even the oddest assortment of materials digitized. The key is to work with a premium provider of digitizing services, which means premium scanning and conversion of files into whatever formats work best.

As an example, if you are eager to begin digitizing...


Meet the Challenges of HR / Human Resource Document Scanning

Jun 28th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Anyone involved in business knows that paperwork can feel endless. The field known as human resources is particularly vulnerable to floods of paperwork because of the many different forms, applications, permissions and other items the work generates. Because most of the forms have to be retained during (and often after) employees’ time with a firm, HR / human resource document scanning service may be of tremendous benefit.

Just consider, document scanning done “in house” would do nothing more than turn a document into a digital file. It would have to be named and then saved to an appropriate part of the company’s secure network. If information from it is needed, the file would have to be opened and somehow transcribed by the reader.

With HR document scanning service, that is brought to an end. This is because the best...


Key Resources for Paperless Office Systems

Jun 26th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

If you have already taken steps to get your documents archived using scanning services, you might want to take the next steps in completing your conversion to truly paperless office systems. How? While the best document scanning services will pick up your documents, sort them, scan them, name them and store them in a cloud-based system or another type of secure media, they can also offer cloud-based document management.

This would be the ideal, even key, resource for paperless office systems…if it is designed appropriately. What that means is simple, to be paperless means not only being able to search for, open and read a document, but also open and work with an array of files. In other words, it should be a file sharing service with the option to synchronize the files used across any number of devices or share files outside of the storage system.


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