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The Benefits of the Conversion of Books to PDF Service

Apr 30th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

For well over a thousand years, books have been essential cornerstones of communication. They’ve facilitated everything from education to entertainment and more.

However, nowadays, their format is largely outdated. Unless you’re a collector, you either have moved entirely too reading books in digital formats or have begun the process.

Nowadays, you can even move your own texts to digital formats. This can be incredibly helpful for everyone from companies to collectors to libraries. With the conversion of books to PDF service, you can even search through your texts to find certain materials you’re looking for, just as you would do with a search engine.

For example, if you work at a law office, the conversion of books to PDF is invaluable for this reason. You could have mountains of books to...


What You Need to know about the Conversion of Books to eBooks Services

Mar 17th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

There are a number of reasons to convert your books into eBooks. If you’ve been thinking about doing so, we’re going to cover some of the most common reasons for this and help you better understand why it could be helpful to invest in the conversion of books to eBooks.

>> If you have an extensive collection of books, converting them to eBooks can be hugely helpful. For one thing, it ensures that if anything happens to the physical copy, you still have the text in digital form.

>> It will also allow you to run searches of your entire library of texts just like you would with Google or some other search engine. If you are a researcher, work at a law office or otherwise have to regularly search through your books for important pieces of information, this will be a big help.

>> The conversion of books to eBooks is used for other businesses, too. You may be a self-published author who...


The Benefits of a Non-Destructive Book Scanning Services

Mar 15th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

For more than a thousand years, information has been put to paper and bound, making it possible to transfer its contents to people all over the world.

The problem is that this can also make it very difficult to get the information you need. Whether you’re writing a research paper, a book, or simply need to look up a fact about your industry, you could be in for a lot of work to track down one simple fact.

Fortunately, you can use a non-destructive book scanning services to digitize the information in any text and then make it instantly searchable.

>> The way it works is simple. A machine with a modern, digital camera is used to scan each and every page of a book.

>> Next, a computer program designed for this specific purpose is utilized to go over the page and figure out which images are photos or pictures and which are letters. This type of software can literally decipher letters...


Saving History One Page at a Time with Historic Book Scanning Services

Mar 13th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

One of the challenges of running a library, academic research facility, or public book collection of any sort, is protecting historical documents while also providing the public with access to them. Precious books and other materials that may be fragile or extremely rare should be protected, but sharing information is the entire point of the item in the first place. In order to balance these two needs, many libraries and facilities are turning to historic books scanning services. These services scan historic documents and turn them into digital files that can be shared and accessed by patrons instead of the source material itself.

These services provide an easy way to make information accessible to all patrons, while keeping precious materials in safe, controlled collections. Historic documents, special editions or collections, handwritten items, and more, can all be kept in a preserved state behind glass or another...


Top Benefits of Book Scanning Services

Nov 11th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Electronic books are quickly outpacing printed materials in sales across every industry, so it’s no wonder that book scanning services are so popular. Publishing printed material in a format that anyone in anyplace can access is a game changer for the amount of readers that can be reached, and the longevity of a book. But there are other benefits to choosing a professional book scanning service like eRecordsUSA. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should choose our book scanning services:

Your book will be a professional product, created in an accurate and clear digital file. Your readers won’t even know that this book was scanned from print rather than created directly from a digital document. Another great benefit for you and your readers is the ability to increase the functionality. Our book scanning services result in professional PDF files, which can be tagged, searched, commented on, and more.

Book scanning services can also save you money....


Scanning Books to PDF – Does It Pay off Financially?

Jan 21st 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

One of the questions facing publishers nowadays is whether or not scanning books to PDF will pay off financially in the end. When you are shopping for books the hard cover is always the most expensive, followed by the paperback and then the digital version which is much cheaper than the previous two. Is there still money to be made?

The fact of the matter is that this invention of digital scanning, allowing authors to have their books scanning to PDF format, is opening the door to self-publishers like never before. Pretty much anyone can have their book scanned into digital format and then list it for sale. So in that sense it’s opening up the market and giving more of a voice to independent authors and publishers.

The catch with eBooks is that they need to be priced at a competitive and reasonable price. You don’t want to price it too high, and at the same time you don’t want to sell the book short by pricing it too low. An average eBook price is around...


Using Archival Books Scanning Services to Organize Collections

Jan 9th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Are you dealing with a massive collection of books that you want to create some kind of archival system with? If the books are old then you’re also probably looking for a way to store them that doesn’t pose any potential damage to them. While there are a number of options available, the latest trend seems to be with archival books scanning services. Through this technique you will be able to scan all the pages of the book and create a digital replica of it. This digital replica obviously won’t be prone to such things as environmental damages, pages tearing, losing the book, and more.

While you may be familiar with scanning individual pages, scanning a full book could be something new to you. Typically when you go to a professional archival book scanning service provider you’ll be able to create a digital version in whatever format you choose. Common format types are ePub, TIFF, PDF (either an OCR version so you can do a text search, or image only which...


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