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Blueprint Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Nov 18th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Operating a busy office often means that blueprints and other large documents get stuffed into a storage room until they are needed again. Because these documents will be needed for all sorts of things in the future, they can’t just be tossed out. But as every facilities manager knows, the plan room, or the space where blueprints are usually stored, is almost always a mess. Blueprint digitization services can help get rid of the messy plan room once and for all, which is great news for a variety of reasons.

Plan rooms are hard to organize because the drawings are typically huge, heavy, and hard to file. It can be difficult to keep sets together, and finding those “borrowed’ drawings is a pain. Because blueprints are often kept rolled up, finding exactly the right one becomes a hassle. Keeping the drawings away from light so they don’t fade is a concern, and many of the drawings are older and can be fragile. Not to mention there are duplicates...


Digitizing Paper Construction Plans Makes Communication Smoother

Jan 14th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Do you run a construction firm and you’re currently looking to streamline the communication process between your company and the client? Digitizing paper construction plans is an option you may wish to consider in your quest to make the communication process smoother.

What this process entails is taking all your construction plans that are usually on large sheets of paper, and can contain hand-written notes and drawings, and having them professionally scanned in order to create a digital copy of them. Once you have this digital copy, communication with clients regarding the construction process takes a much smoother approach.

Today most Smartphones and tablets are able to open PDF documents, among others. That means you can now send digital files of the construction plan to clients, and other contractors and sub-contractors involved in the project. Instead of waiting for people to get the plans, they can open it instantly. With digitizing paper construction...


3 Benefits of Over Sized Blueprint Scanning Services

Sep 13th 2015 | Posted By: Webmaster

Whether you’re designing your dream home or working on the plan for a new restaurant, hotel or department store, you’re going to be using blueprints. These schematics provide essential information about all aspects of the building’s design, construction, layout and more. However, conventional over sized blueprints can be problematic. Hardcopy schematics are unwieldy, difficult to transport, easily damaged, and hard to share. You can gain many benefits of over sized blueprint scanning services.

There are plenty of benefits to be gained by over sized blueprint scanning service. Here are some of the most important.

Collaborate: A very wide range of professionals will need access to the blueprints throughout the project. These range from the architect or designer to the general contractor, subcontractor, owner and many others. With hardcopy blueprints, copies must be shipped or hand delivered to each person. With digital...

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