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Business Card Scanning Services

Business Card Scanning & Processing Services

Business Card Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Business Card Scanning Services

Business cards are used for business interaction or exchange. They include confidential and personal information about one’s business. The name of the business, services provided, social media, contact, and location information are printed on a business card.

Strolling into a business meeting or systems administration occasion, or even simply getting various your new companion at the bar, there are such a variety of examples when you need to trade business cards. Be that as it may, the heap building up in your wallet and dresser is jumbled and hard to utilize.

Discovering the right business card can be troublesome, and recalling where you put everything can be more than intense. By opting Business Card Scanning Services, you can organize your business contacts and manage your professional life more efficiently.

We are a small woman-owned business, based in SF Bay Area, Northern California, providing the entire nation with high-quality scanning and data entry services.

To represent this information in a presentable and innovative form, accurate data entry is a must.

The data entry service providers efficiently do this work as organizations might have multiple sets of data. Whether you need to update current business card information or require formatting of existing data, a professional team is required.

Business Card Data Entry Services offered by eRecordsUSA

Our business card data entry services cater to the requirements of all types of businesses. We offer a wide range of data card entry services such as:

Conversion of Electronic Business Cards into Client Database

The entire organization’s electronic business cards information is stored in an organized database. This database is easily accessible and editable. Our cost-effective conversion helps clients to create a helpful resource for the organization.

Storing Online Information

A business card contains a hard copy of data. This service copies the information from the printed copy and stores it into a digital copy to preserve data for future use. Our team can collect the data, organize it, and enter it into an online system. The data can be directly copied from here to use in emails, websites, and internal systems.

Indexing Business Cards

Indexing involves arranging data alphabetically, sequentially, by date, location, or numerically. Irrespective of the format.Our data entry professionals can index all your business card data systematically for easy usability.

Business Card Format Conversion

We provide customizable formatting and conversion for all your business card conversion needs. The data from various resources are collected and collated to make one single convenient file.

Managing Existing Business Card Information Efficiently

Business card outsourcing services from a company like ours can efficiently create an online file. This file will have an interface to update the information of partners, vendors, clients, and other associates.

Business Card Scanning & Processing

When you choose eRecordsUSA for business card scanning services, we follow the following process:

1. You ship the originals, to us to our Fremont address in California, using a traceable & reliable courier.

2. We scan them into PDF files (Which we provide you a copy of the scans, for your records)

3. We extract the data with almost 100% accuracy and create an Excel sheet/ CSV File database.

4. We forward the extracted Excel sheet/ CSV format file, for you to import into Outlook or any other contacts software you utilize.

5. We forward an invoice based on the total cards processed, and we get paid, by company check.

6. We get the originals trashed or shredded OR can also be mailed back, with extra for shipping cost.

7. Security & confidentiality of data assured.

Business Card Scanning Services

eRecordsUSA Business Card Scanning Service examines and digitizes your business cards, and after that changes over the advanced photos of business cards into noteworthy data. Exceptionally exact, we naturally remove data from business cards and can sends out it to Sales force and Microsoft Outlook and place it in the right field.

Digitize business cards in seconds: Precisely transform your paper business cards into electronic contacts with cutting edge OCR technology.

Export to Sales force and Microsoft Outlook contacts: Exports business cards data straight into your familiar contact manager and automatically check for duplicates.

Our Process of Business Card Data Entry

Business card data entry services provide an organized approach to storing business data. The client satisfaction and accuracy of data are of utmost importance in providing the service.

At eRecordsUSA, we follow the following process for business card data entry.

1. Personalized Consultation

2. Collection of Business Card Information

3. Business Card Data Scanning

4. Clean up and formatting of business card data

5. Database storage

Why Choose eRecordsUSA for Business Card Data Entry Services?

We are providing the best business card data entry services at budget-friendly prices. , Our services are admired by clients for the following reasons –

Modernizing business cards

Optimizing business card data with social media sites

Business card data services customizable for small and large companies

Preventing loss of data by creating databases from hard copies

Business card categorization

Addition of business card data information

Easy accessibility of databases on devices

Archiving capabilities

Contact us for the top-quality business card data entry service. Get in touch with our friendly team to take a free estimation! For large volume Document Scanning Services or Business Card Scanning Services, call us @ +1.510.900.8800 or email us.

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