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Blueprint Digitization Service

Blueprint Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Banish the Messy Plan Room with Blueprint Digitization Services

Operating a busy office often means that blueprints and other large documents get stuffed into a storage room until they are needed again. Because these documents will be needed for all sorts of things in the future, they can’t just be tossed out. But as every facilities manager knows, the plan room, or the space where blueprints are usually stored, is almost always a mess. Blueprint digitization services can help get rid of the messy plan room once and for all, which is great news for a variety of reasons.

Blueprint Digitization Services

Plan rooms are hard to organize because the drawings are typically huge, heavy, and hard to file. It can be difficult to keep sets together, and finding those “borrowed’ drawings is a pain. Because blueprints are often kept rolled up, finding exactly the right one becomes a hassle. Keeping the drawings away from light so they don’t fade is a concern, and many of the drawings are older and can be fragile. Not to mention there are duplicates taking up space, and the risk of natural disasters or pests is always present.

Through a blueprint digitization service, companies can make it far easier to keep their blueprints forever. Digital files can be easily shared with no need to hunt them down for returns. Files can be labeled, tagged, and sorted for easy searching, and there’s never a worry about losing drawings to water, mold, or moths. The plan room need only hold a single paper copy if necessary, and without everyone rummaging through those copies, it’s much easier to keep the plan room in order.

By digitizing your blueprints, you give all your employees a way to avoid the worst part of the office, access blueprints quickly and securely, and you ensure that you never lose any valuable information.

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