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Archival Preservation Imaging Service

Is Archival Preservation Imaging the Right Answer?

Archival Preservation Imaging Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

What sort of archival material do you manage? When thinking about archival preservation imaging service, many of us think in terms of photos, slides, negatives and documents. However, eRecordsUSA also supplies premium scanning of books, oversized and large items (including art and documents) and can even handle bulk documents for medical, legal, financial and other enterprises.

Archival Preservation Imaging Services

This is the fullest definition of archival preservation imaging solutions, and though it is comprehensive, there is more to know. After all, there are options for indexing and coding documents, using OCR to make final scans entirely searchable, and for saving in any number of formats. Whether you require premium and high-resolution scans as JPEG or TIFF files, or you require PDFs and e-reader documents, it is possible.

Of course, if you are considering archival preservation imaging, it is likely that you need strictly non-destructive solutions. This is the sort of scanning that will return your originals to you in the most pristine conditions possible, and yet make high-quality scans and digitized files. This is precisely what you can expect when turning to eRecordsUSA for their premium services and solutions.

You can get in touch to discuss and create a custom solution, and that can mean asking for all of the archival scans to be returned to you on DVDs or CDs. However, many opt for uploading of files to online storage. This enables archival owners or managers to sync their archives to multiple devices, store everything permanently and safely in the cloud and to share easily across many channels. Organization Is also streamlined as archives can be segmented, made private or public, and backed up in many ways.

An archive is excellent, but one that is the result of premium scanning is better as it ensures the long-term security of the materials. They no longer need to be handled, and in many cases, documents can even be destroyed. If you require support for archival preservation imaging service, just get in touch.

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