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Archival Books Scanning Services

Using Archival Books Scanning Services to Organize Collections

Archival Book Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Are you dealing with a massive collection of books that you want to create some kind of archival system with? If the books are old then you’re also probably looking for a way to store them that doesn’t pose any potential damage to them. While there are a number of options available, the latest trend seems to be with archival books scanning services. Through this technique you will be able to scan all the pages of the book and create a digital replica of it. This digital replica obviously won’t be prone to such things as environmental damages, pages tearing, losing the book, and more.

Archival Books Scanning Services

While you may be familiar with scanning individual pages, scanning a full book could be something new to you. Typically when you go to a professional archival book scanning service provider you’ll be able to create a digital version in whatever format you choose. Common format types are ePub, TIFF, PDF (either an OCR version so you can do a text search, or image only which doesn’t allow for searching), Word, and JPEG.As far as how you will access your digital book, it will be stored on a DVD/CD and you can opt to have it stored online.

You can certainly opt to just have one or two books scanned, but often these archival books scanning services offer better pricing if you’re scanning a large volume of books. A good idea is to wait until you’ve got quite a few you want to scan and then go get a quote.

One thing to keep in mind is to be sure the place you go to offers high resolution scanning, as this will make sure the pages aren’t too dark, and the text is easy on the eyes to read. Before you know it you may be able to get rid of those large bookshelves.

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