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Archival Book Scanning

What Is Archival Book Scanning For Collection Archives?

Archival Book Scanning in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Archival Book Scanning Services for Collection Archives

Archival book scanning services are an extremely specialized field, requiring extensive experience in handling such delicate fragile and historically priceless original books. Such books come in a variety of shapes, conditions, and bindings. Each archival book collection is unique and such requiring careful review before any digitization project is initiated. We are proud to confirm, that we have successfully completed Archival book scanning projects as old as the 1700’s.


Although highly specialized, most of the times, Archival Book Scanning still is an essential service, to ensure such legacy materials are preserved for all times to come, and specially protected from natural deterioration and/ or any natural, or man-made calamities.

With the fires, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes becoming daily events, it is imperative such important historically significant artifacts are digitally preserved. Once books are archived digitally they live forever and become easily accessible for all times to come.

With over a decade of experience, eRecordsUSA specializes in scanning books of all types, sizes, and ages. We have the capacity to scan hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages per day, ensuring you will receive your digitized versions of books scanned at Archival Quality, scan resolution and file formats meeting with your needs.

Based on the eventual purpose  & customer requirements, we typically output scanned books to PDF files or TIFF,  JPEG image files. We can also fully provide searchable PDF files using top-of-the-line OCR, optical recognition software.

A 100% audit of all the scanned pages to ensure no missing pages, page cropping, de-skewing and capture of all content,  comes standard with all our deliverables.

We also provide many additional services, if and when requested such as full audited extraction of content into editable word files, with human verification line by line into editable text file formats, bookmarking, indexing, data entry, table extractions, photo cropping, etc.

We work with many printers, publishers, librarians, archivists, genealogists, and content writers to assist them with our archival book scanning services.

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eRecordsUSA utilizes a variety of different scanners and scanning techniques to get the best results, based on the nature of the book content, page size, book weight, condition of the pages & binding, paper-type, type of the binding, margins at the spine, content layout, one side or both sided content, and many more similar trivial things.

Did you know, very high glossy content or pages with golden or silver embossing, special inks, bleed through pages need special handling? All of the above and many similar small specifics are considered when deciding the type of equipment to be used, to digitize. Some of the commonly used book scanners are overhead planetary, flat-bed, book edge, v-cradle or even sheet-fed.

overhead-cradle-book-scanner      flat-bed-book-scanners


Bound books are kept intact, scanned in a Non-Destructive way, and are returned in the same condition as received, using extreme care while handling the books.  Special handling procedures are followed, when handling archival book scanning projects. Request us a list of these, when you connect with us.

Detailed observations are made about the conditions and concerns noted in the original books, such as missing or torn pages, loose pages found, total page count, any other exceptions, etc.

Most of the time, all the pages of the books are scanned, but on request and in special cases, blank pages are left out with the proper end-of-book identification methods.  Books are scanned on specialized non-destructive book scanning equipment by trained archival technicians.

Books are carefully placed in V-shaped cradles or flat surfaces, while quality CCDs capture the image for each page from above, eliminating blurriness and curvature at the spine. The overhead scanners allow us to capture deep inside the spine, crop out the fans at the book edges also include thumb removal capabilities.

For books where customers don’t need the originals returned, we use the semi-destructive book scanning process, wherein we cut the spine of the books and resultant pages are scanned at high-speed scanners. This process is not ideal for Archival book scanning projects.


eRecordsUSA, can assist in a variety of Archival Book Scanning for a variety of books, some of them include, Lab Notebooks, research books, scrapbooks, ledger books, deeds, technical manuals, School yearbooks, bound newspaper volumes, Artbooks, rare & fragile books, magazine, catalogs, bibles, vital records, historical archives, design books, cartoon books, drawing books, City & County records, Sacramental Registers for Births, Matrimonial & Baptismal Registers, Burial Records, Cemetary record books, citation- cemetery records books, map books, and many many more types.


• We support many small & large businesses even many fortune 500 companies & government agencies.
• Capacity & Capability & Experience to handle Archival Book Scanning projects of any size and complexity.
• We operate a state-of-the-art conversion center in Fremont, CA, where all the work will be performed.
• We use only the top-of-the-line hardware and software to perform the Archival Book Scanning Projects.
• Capacity to process thousands of images a day, including books, paper files & large drawings.
• We have successfully completed every project to the entire satisfaction of our customers without exception.
• We maintain a full “chain of custody”- from the time the files are pickup to the return of the original & scans.
• Professional & Experienced Operators trained to handle delicate and fragile drawings.
• Extremely large & over-sized books,  large format Archival Book Scanning. No Problem, We can help!

Feel free to reach out to us here with any questions that you may have about Book Scanning Service, or call us at 510.900.8800, Monday through Friday, between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Allow eRecordsUSA to assist you with Digitizing and preserving your precious books. Don’t forget to ask about our exiting & past clients, you will be amazed to hear about them.

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