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Choosing an Archival Letter Imaging Service Provider

Aug 28th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

One of the most frequently analyzed and researched set of documents in any sort of archive are the items categorized under the heading of “letters”. The private and public letters of many figures are of interest to an astonishing number of people. However, allowing anyone to handle archival letters means putting the originals at risk for damage, deterioration or even loss. That is why archival letter imaging is a key resource for many.

As the name implies, the process of archival letter imaging converts any sort of letter (including postcards, notes and even photos with notes on the back) into a digital file. This ensures that the original can then be put into archival storage (such as acid-free files or climate-controlled areas) and the copies used by those who are interested in studying them.

The process is, as one might expect,...


Have You Considered Archiving Paper Documents Digitally?

Aug 27th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Business offices, medical firms, legal offices and many other types of enterprises find themselves awash in paperwork and documents. Though we, supposedly, live in the digital age, there is still the need for many kinds of paperwork. This can become a real hassle in terms of space and management, and it is why archiving paper documents electronically may be a good idea for many such firms.

How is archiving of paper documents electronically actually done? It is a simple process in which documents are delivered or picked up by a high quality scanning company. They sort, prepare and then scan the documents. The very best can even name the files according to your needs and then store them to a dedicated and secure cloud server or send you some sort of encrypted media on which the documents are stored. They can save them in any format needed and can handle everything from reports and...


Is Digitizing Historical Pictorial Collections Possible?

Aug 24th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

As anyone who manages archives about historical photos and they are likely to groan audibly about the challenges such files present. Not only are historical photos potentially at risk due to the ways in which they are stored, but they are also vulnerable to theft, misfiling, and loss. This is why the digitizing of historical pictorial collections is such a popular solution, and it is more readily available than most realize.

Though it might seem that photo scanning is going to be a time-consuming process and one that involves a lot of logistical headaches, it is not the case. To begin with, when digitizing historical pictorial collections, it doesn’t have to be all at once. The best providers are more than happy to accept weekly, monthly, quarterly or even daily submissions of documents.

These same premium providers are also usually fine...


Points to Ponder When Considering the Digitization of Old Documents

Aug 21st 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Old documents is a relative term as some can be historic, important and serve as part of an essential collection of documents or archives. Naturally, there are also old documents that, while handy in terms of data, are just not that relevant in terms of hard copies. The good news is that for both groups, the digitization of old documents is an easy and effective solution.

What would digitization of old documents involve? Generally, it would mean packing up the documents in the way most suited to preserving them and getting them to their destination unharmed, then having experts scan them in high resolution before re-packing and returning them or simply shredding them. The scans are turned into digital archives that can be saved to a cloud based server or stored on some sort of secure and encrypted media, such as a large and free standing hard drive.


What to Do When You Need Archival Record Digitization Services

Aug 17th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Archival records are amazingly diverse in terms of their variety and types. You can find books and ledgers, postcards, posters, images, documents and so much more within any collection of archival records, and not all of these items need to be part of a permanent, physical collection. Records are some of the most common in this group, and if you struggle with an enormous range of paper records, archival record digitization services are a good option.

What these services can do is to turn those reams of paper records into easily accessed and searchable digital archives. As an example, you may have a decade’s worth of newsletters from a specific organization or paper registrations for something as mundane as dog licenses. The physical records are of no actual value, and so you can opt to use archival record digitization services to have such items scanned and then stored to the...


Tips for Working with Document Digitization Companies

Aug 1st 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Speak to any archivist and they will usually sing the praises of document digitization companies because they free them from the need to store hard copies of relevant information, but not essential “materials”. In other words, they can free up a lot of space while retaining information and making it easy to search and use.

However, it is not just archivists who can benefit from the use of document digitization companies. Companies of almost any type can also rely on them to get paperwork under control. Whether in law, medicine or any other sort of business, it is not unusual for boxes and boxes of information to accumulate. It is usually necessary to retain this data, at least for a set amount of time. This can make business a bit challenging as you pay for storage of the paper documents or struggle with ever more packed filing cabinets.


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