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3 Good Reasons for Large Volume Document Conversion Services

Jan 23rd 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

How much of your home or office space is taken up by files and document storage? If you are thinking “just a few file cabinets”, you probably also have a random collection of cardboard file boxes stashed out of the way in a closet or storage room. If so, you are wasting a lot of space, and if you have more than what we’ve already described, you absolutely must consider large volume document conversion service from eRecordsUSA.

Done using the very latest technologies, they are also provided on an incredibly customized and full-service basis. Let’s consider three main reasons to turn to their large volume document conversion today:

>> Eliminate the clutter and waste of space created by documents, books, images and other materials you do not need to retain physically. Just consider the number of forms or documents that you can legally destroy if you have digital copies. Also,consider the safety and longevity of...


3 Ways to Benefit from a Digital Book Preservation Services

Jan 17th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

We all enjoy having online access to any number of informational channels. For example, being able to quickly find, obtain and read books of all kinds from online resources is incredibly helpful and enjoyable. Whether it is one of the classics of literature or some obscure textbook needed for a project, it is nice to gain access online. If you provide access to such books, you may want to consider the many ways you can benefit from a digital book preservation service.

Clients of eRecordsUSA turn to the firm for scanning and digitizing of any kind of book imaginable. From historically relevant and fragile volumes to legacy materials relating to a personal genealogical survey, they can provide a reliable and straightforward way to protect and preserve the information (images and text) within books.

What happens after those scans are done? While the...


Mortgage Document Imaging Service Options Are a Hot Commodity

Jan 13th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

It is no longer just an escrow company or lender interested in the use of electronic mortgage documents. Though it makes perfect sense for them to seek out electronic options to cut down on paper waste, use of office space for document storage, and mistakes with missing forms, many others are equally interested in the use of electronic documents. This is why the mortgage document imaging service options from eRecordsUSA are so important.

Whether you are a bank, credit union, realtor, underwriter, county or government agency or the seller or buyer of the home, you can benefit greatly from electronic home loan documents and a means of easily accessing and sharing them. The mortgage document imaging service options from eRecordsUSA include highly skilled scanning, coding and indexing of even complex assortments of mortgage documentation, but also the use of online storage, too.


Should You Choose High-Resolution Book Scanning?

Jan 11th 2018 | Posted By: Webmaster

Book scanning is something that is becoming more and more important to many different industries and individuals. From the person making a family history who wishes to have a quality copy of an old, handwritten book to the publishing firm with outdated textbooks, premium book scanning is incredibly useful. However, not all scans are alike, and if you are curious about the value of high resolution book scanning service, you will want to continue reading.

Without delving too deeply into the technicalities of professional book imaging and scanning, we can say that there are two ways it is done – destructively and non-destructively. This is not exactly what you might initially guess. The real meanings behind them are simple. Destructive is when the book is disassembled for scanning and non-destructive is when the book is preserved in its original condition. There are many reasons...

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