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The Many Benefits of a Photo Digitizing Services

Dec 30th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Do you have family albums full of prints? Maybe you are tasked with handling a collection of historical photos relating to your company or community? Maybe you have a massive archive of images from a publication of some kind and wish to preserve and organize them – including many negatives or slides? If so, eRecordsUSA has premier photo digitizing service solutions for all of these scenarios.

Firstly, it helps to understand that photo digitizing simply means taking any sort of hard copy of a photo – whether it be a slide, negative or print – and scanning it to turn it into a premium digital file. This can be a JPEG, TIFF or other variety as a customer requires. Files are named and burned to CDs or DVDs, or they are saved to a cloud-based online storage site.

How is this of benefit? Firstly, the photo digitizing service takes care...


Is a Bulk Photo Scanning Service the Right Solution?

Dec 27th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

It is not unusual for people in the modern era to have stacks of processed photos and negatives laying around. Whether those images and negatives are in the archives of a periodical or newspaper or the hands of a private individual, they are often valued by many others. Though they can be sorted into albums and stored somewhere safe, this is not the optimal solution. Instead, the bulk photo scanning service options like those from eRecordsUSA are a far superior way to handle them.

Why? Let’s say that you are a private individual with around 100 envelopes of photographic prints dating to the 1980s. You might start to make your way through a few of those envelopes and then get tired of the time it is taking for you to go through them, match them to their negatives and decide which to keep or toss. You might make the mistake of throwing away the images or leaving them in a place where they can get damaged...


3 Good Reasons for Digitizing Aging Photos Services

Dec 18th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Have you ever digitized a pre-existing photo? What that means is simple. It means you took a slide, negative or print, and scanned it into a computer program. You then saved it in a format such as JPEG or TIFF, which let you view it with most programs or share it easily with others. In this era of premium camera phones, we can forget that we have many aging prints that still need attention, or we can continually choose to overlook them because handling them is a challenge.

This is why eRecordsUSA encourages customers to consider digitizing aging photos using their many service options, and for the three following reasons:

>> Rather than dedicating many dozens of hours scanning and handling image files, even giving up on it because it takes so long, you can send your prints, negatives and slides and have them digitized and turned into...


High Volume Document Scanning Services Offer a Flexible Solution

Dec 13th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Do you have an enormous number of paper documents that you just cannot permanently destroy, but which you really cannot afford to keep stored on your premises? Millions of individuals and business owners are in a similar predicament, and rather than paying for offsite storage or investing in more file cabinets and boxes; you should consider high volume document scanning service instead.

When done by a skilled provider, they are a flexible solution to a problematic issue. For example, clients of eRecordsUSA can discuss a fully customized array of high volume document scanning services based on actual needs. Just consider, you might need a large number of documents scanned, digitized and safely archived, but they might be a blend of materials. You might have contracts, maps or renderings, and even some microfilm or negatives that are part of your documentation.


Can You Trust a Historical Documents Digitizing / Digitization Services?

Dec 9th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Imagine your most treasured historical documents. Now, imagine them in the hands of a stranger whose job it is to record and document that item using a high tech scanner and other devices. It probably makes you worried. Whether that document is a handwritten collection of family letters or a document of major historical significance to a company, government or other group, you don’t want anything to happen to it. The good news is that use of a professional quality historical documents digitizing / digitization service actually guarantees that document’s long-term safety and stability.

Scanning has come a very long way over the years, and today it is possible to provide entirely non-destructive scans of even the most fragile materials. Packing and shipping them may be more challenging than actually digitizing the content, and at eRecordsUSA, you can have them actually...

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