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Can Large Format Document Digitizing Services Help You?

Feb 21st 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

If you need large documents for your business, workplace, hobby, or for any other purpose, you’ve probably already considered the many benefits of digitizing those documents. Large format document digitizing service can improve company productivity, keep documents safe from natural wear and tear, reduce your storage costs, and more. But when we say “large format”, what exactly do we mean? Do you know if your documents can be digitized? Worried that they might be too big to possibly work? There are some documents or pieces of art that just seem impossibly large, too large for any scanner to handle.

Think again. Our team at eRecordsUSA can handle all projects – documents, art, and more — of any size. We don’t only specialize in a specific type of large format document digitizing service. Instead, we’ll work with any kind of document you may have – blueprints, original artwork, historic documents, newspapers, maps, and more can all be...


How Healthcare Records Digitizing Services Transform Clinics

Feb 9th 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

If you’ve ever had to fill out a long, detailed report of your own medical history, you can easily see how it can be difficult for many doctors around the world to get accurate information on their patients’ needs. Imagine your doctor being able to get all your records with the click of a button, through digital healthcare records. There would be no more worry about forgotten allergies or other complications, and clinics could always provide the best in care for each individual. This is only one of the many ways that healthcare records digitizing services can transform healthcare clinics.

Digital records also make it easier for clinics to work more efficiently, and that means less time in the waiting room, and more time with the doctor. When the doctor only has to search through a well-organized database of personal healthcare documents with a few clicks, it’s easy for them to find the answers they need and diagnose accordingly. Digital...


Bound Book Digitization Services Are Changing Education

Feb 2nd 2017 | Posted By: Webmaster

Schools around the nation are already seeing a shift from printed material to digital files. As more universities, high schools, and even elementary schools turn to screens to supplement or complete educational goals, bound book digitization services can help. Allowing students to access material online gives them a richer experience, and works with their natural learning style or life rhythm. Students can access materials at any time, create digital portfolios of their work to be referenced for years to come, and do much more.

By digitizing the educational materials, students also have a wider variety of textbooks and supplementary materials to learn from, and in more affordable ways. When bound book digitization services make it easy for publishers or educators to distribute millions of copies without extra printing costs, that savings is passed to the students....


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