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Oversized Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Nov 28th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Digging into family genealogy is a past time that many people enjoy. Looking through old photo albums, gathering copies of death or marriage certificates, or finding records of immigrating ancestors in historical archives can produce a real feeling of connection to the past and to your family. However, one big problem presents itself when you get a reputation as the family genealogist: where and how do you store all those documents and photographs? Historic documents are often larger than standard paper today, delicate from years of handling, or already faded and damaged. This is where our oversized document scanning services come in.

At eRecordsUSA, we can help you preserve your family history no matter what type of documents you may have. Old blueprints from your great-grandparents’ first home, oversized birth certificates or college diplomas from great-aunts and uncles, historic records of every kind of milestone can be easily turned into a...


Blueprint Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Nov 18th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Operating a busy office often means that blueprints and other large documents get stuffed into a storage room until they are needed again. Because these documents will be needed for all sorts of things in the future, they can’t just be tossed out. But as every facilities manager knows, the plan room, or the space where blueprints are usually stored, is almost always a mess. Blueprint digitization services can help get rid of the messy plan room once and for all, which is great news for a variety of reasons.

Plan rooms are hard to organize because the drawings are typically huge, heavy, and hard to file. It can be difficult to keep sets together, and finding those “borrowed’ drawings is a pain. Because blueprints are often kept rolled up, finding exactly the right one becomes a hassle. Keeping the drawings away from light so they don’t fade is a concern, and many of the drawings are older and can be fragile. Not to mention there are duplicates...


Top Benefits of Book Scanning Services

Nov 11th 2016 | Posted By: Webmaster

Electronic books are quickly outpacing printed materials in sales across every industry, so it’s no wonder that book scanning services are so popular. Publishing printed material in a format that anyone in anyplace can access is a game changer for the amount of readers that can be reached, and the longevity of a book. But there are other benefits to choosing a professional book scanning service like eRecordsUSA. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should choose our book scanning services:

Your book will be a professional product, created in an accurate and clear digital file. Your readers won’t even know that this book was scanned from print rather than created directly from a digital document. Another great benefit for you and your readers is the ability to increase the functionality. Our book scanning services result in professional PDF files, which can be tagged, searched, commented on, and more.

Book scanning services can also save you money....

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