Large Format Blueprint Scanners: Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Sep 17th 2021 | Posted By: redblink

Are you an experienced architect or not, and do you want to digitize your work or simply capture images that appeal to you? Get equipped with one of these best large format blueprint scanners on the market.

The digitization of large-format documents is not usually an easy task, therefore its digitization requires a delicate work of document processing.

The digitization of documents is one of the document processing services most requested by clients.

Today, even if many artists work directly from their tablet or computer, others still prefer to use a more traditional method, ink, pencil… before converting their creations into digital format.


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A scanner is a border between analog and digital. By digitizing your originals, you...


Large Format Document & Blueprint Scanning Service

Sep 12th 2021 | Posted By: redblink

Large Format and Blueprint Scanning

eRecordsUSA Offers scanning services like, Images of large format documents,wide format document scanning, engineering drawings, Blueprint Scanning, plans, maps and more.


Are you currently looking for a way to convert large format documents such as blueprints or maps to digital files? Well, digital transformation is no longer a concept of the future and it has become an essential task for both private companies, entrepreneurs, and public companies. 

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Very high volumes of documents are generated every day that accumulate until the situation can become unsustainable: problems of order, organization, and, above all, reduced productivity of workers...


Why You Need To Convert Non-Destructive Books To eBook Format?

Aug 6th 2021 | Posted By: redblink

Non-destrcutive Book Conversion

The digitization of ebooks is getting acceptance from book lovers all over the world. The publishing houses, schools, colleges, universities, public libraries, all are getting their books scanned. If you are also looking for a professional book scanning company in San Francisco, CA with high quality and affordable pricing, the post will be of great help for you.

 The general queries, people have in their minds regarding large volume book scanning are:

How do you digitize old books? How can I scan a book without damaging it? Can you scan a whole book in one go? How do I turn a scanned book into an ebook? What is the fastest way to scan a book? How much does it cost to digitize a book?

It is a fact that scanning costly books without removing their binding is a critical task. But with the availability of special book scanners, we can scan a book without damaging the spine. However, consulting a  professional company...


Convert Old Photos to Digital Service - Digitize Photos

Jul 25th 2021 | Posted By: redblink

What is the best way to convert old photos to digital copies, this questions comes to your mind many times. As we all know in this digital era, everything is on your mobile or virtually stored. Why not, your old photos? You can easily back up and preserve old photos by turning them into digital copies with simple scanning methods.

One of the biggest benefits of converting old photos into digital format is preserving them from natural disasters and getting rid of physical storage.Digital files can be easily replicated and stored in different locations, which vastly increases their chances of survival in critical circumstances.

But what is the best way to digitize photos? How to convert old photos to digital? You must have googled to get an answer to such questions. No worries, we are here to help. It depends on how many photos you have, your budget, what you intend to do with the photos, and how much free time you have.

Table of...


File Types - Document Scanning Tips And Tricks | eRecordsUSA

Jan 15th 2021 | Posted By: redblink

Are you looking for a company providing digital scanning services to help you become a paperless company?

If so, you must consider document scanning as the primary task to convert your data in digital format.

Most of us are unaware of the file systems and other technical formalities that need to be taken care during scanning.

Also, the companies are looking for eco-friendly ways by limiting the resources in creating scanned copy of the documents.

Let me ask you few question before you dig in this article to know more about digitizing document scanning services.

Are you looking for Fast –Track digital documentation? Have you set your goals to go for digital documentation on cloud? Are you aware of the benefits of Digital documentation? Are you maintaining a heavy inventory of files or treasure of books that needs to be converted in a digital format?

In this post, you will get know about the document scanning...


What Are the Simplest Ways to Digitize Paper Documents

Nov 3rd 2020 | Posted By: redblink

The meeting is over, and you are sitting at your desk, staring at a handout you received from a co-worker or supervisor.

The question that confronts you is, “should I save this?”

Why do we need to digitize Paper documents?

Perhaps you’ll need it for other meetings or assignments. Perhaps you’ll remember it at some future point and wonder what became of it.

Perhaps you’re wasting too much time worrying about what to do with it, and it should be dumped in the trash immediately.

At the back of your mind is the problematic old business proverb: “Only handle a piece of paper once.” 

The importance of those questions recedes in importance if you have a dependable, easily accessible, reliably indexed method of digitizing your paper documents.

You don’t have to worry about keeping any piece of paper that you’ve stored in the cloud or on your hard drive and...


Why You Should Consider Digitizing Your Records For Electronic Retention?

Oct 17th 2020 | Posted By: redblink

Electronic Records Management (ERM) ensures your organization has the records it needs when they are needed.Records management is primarily concerned with the evidence of an organization’s activities, and is usually applied according to the value of the records rather than their physical format.

History of Record Retention & Document Scanning

What a relief it must’ve been for office workers in Manz, Germany, in 1450 when Johannes Gutenberg finally built a commercially viable printing press. Until then, scribes who copied books and important documents checked their work by counting the number of letters on a page, which had to match exactly the number of letters on the page from which they were copying.

After the invention of Gutenberg’s press, the number of books, pamphlets, and written documents skyrocketed. It’s estimated that, prior to the invention of the press, all the books in the world could have easily fit inside a...


What is Average Document Scanning Project Price?

Oct 9th 2020 | Posted By: redblink

Paper piles up. It takes up space. It is heavy and has to have ideal storage conditions. Even when they are in the form of books, searching through pages of paper is a cumbersome, frustrating task. There are long-term difficulties associated with storing paper as well.

For instance, paper is flammable. Many family records were lost during the Civil War because courthouses, which kept important records in books made of paper, were burned. Paper is also subject to destruction by water and mold. 

Consider the idea of looking up the answer to a question you might have, for instance—”when was paper first use for writing”—in a 1990s library (full of books, but no Internet).

How long would that take? How would you go about it?

Now, consider going online and typing that same question into an Internet search engine.

How long would it take to get an answer? 

Clearly, storing documents, records, and information in...


How Much Does Microfilm Microfiche Digitization Cost?

Oct 7th 2020 | Posted By: redblink

Did you ever look up a news article in a 50-year-old newspaper to read what it said? Chances are you didn’t actually hold the paper in your hands. It would’ve have been far too fragile for that.

Instead, a librarian took you to a microfiche or microfilm reader, placed a card or roll of film into a reader, and showed you how to find the date, the section, and the article you were seeking.

This all happened because, 50 years ago, it was someone’s job to take photos of that newspaper and turn it into microfilm. The precarious nature of paper, which is so easily degraded and destroyed, necessitated that archivists find a better way of keeping permanent records.

The problem has become that microfilm isn’t eternal either. Microfilm is reported to have a life expectancy of 500 years. For it to achieve that noble length of useful life, it must be kept in a relatively pristine state, with no internal contaminants.

It also has to be...


How to Digitize Your Negatives and Slides?

Oct 7th 2020 | Posted By: redblink

You know that box of pictures on the top shelf in the back of the closet, that one that has the old prints on the top, and on the bottom are the sleeves of negatives? Or perhaps you have a tub in the attic with boxes of color slides from trips and reunions and events?

Today, of course, we are digital people, and, when we take photos, they often get uploaded immediately to cloud storage from which we then select the precious ones for social media.

Still, there are those old negatives and slides hidden away. We know they are precious bits of history, unrepeatable moments of past times. We can convert slides to digital so they could be easily viewed and stored for posterity. This is probably a good time to launch into that project.


Before you get started, spend some time holding the images up to the light to get an...

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