Steps to Scan & Digitize Old Photos - Photo Scanning & Digitizing

Feb 2nd 2023 | Posted By: redblink

Scan and Digitize Old Photos

If you want to know, how to preserve old photos digitally? The options are scanning them with a smartphone, using a scanner, or sending them to a photo scanning service. Preserving old photographs is an important task to keep our memories and family history alive. With the advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to scan and digitize old photos

Scanning and digitizing old photos not only preserves the original photographs but also allows us to share them with others in a digital format. In this article, we will discuss the steps to scan and digitize old photographs, including the equipment and software needed, as well as tips to ensure the best results.

Introduction to Photo Scanning

Photo Scanning and Digitizing is an important task for many people, as it serve as a tangible link to our past and are often irreplaceable family treasures. However, as time goes on, these photographs can become...


Bound Book Scanning Process - Prepare Books for Scanning

Jan 16th 2023 | Posted By: redblink

Bound Book Scanning Process

Bound books, also known as hardcover books, are an important part of our cultural and historical heritage. They contain valuable information and knowledge that can be used for research, education, and personal enjoyment. However, as time goes by, these books can become fragile and deteriorate. Such condition of books, makes it difficult to access their contents. This is where bound book scanning comes in.

The blog post will emphasize the importance of using professional bound book scanning company for book scanning. Professional book scanning companies have the necessary equipment, expertise, and experience to ensure that the books are handled and scanned properly. Preserving the integrity of the book and making the scanned text accessible to a wider audience, is the top most priority of bound book scanning services provider.

Importance of Bound Book Scanning

Bound book scanning is the process of digitizing the contents of a bound book,...


Book Scanning Methods - Kinds of Book Scanning Explained

Jan 12th 2023 | Posted By: eRecordsUSA

Book Scanning Methods

Welcome to our guide on the different types of book scanning! Throughout history, books have served as a form of communication and a reminder of cultural traditions. Whether they contain fiction, history, how-to guides, or clerical information and whether they are kept in a library, archive, records room, or other repository, books are a vital resource containing a vast array of knowledge.

 In today’s digital age, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to want to access their favorite books in electronic format. Whether you want to save space on your bookshelf, reduce clutter, or simply have the convenience of reading your books on a device, book scanning can be an excellent solution.

However, not all book scanning methods are created equal. In this guide, we’ll explore the various options available for converting physical books into digital files, including their pros and cons. After reading this post,...


Convert Microfilm Microfiche To PDF - Microfilm Conversion

Nov 29th 2022 | Posted By: redblink

Microfilm to Pdf Conversion

Microfilm and microfiche conversion can seem like a daunting, complex, and time-consuming process.

You can handle the conversion process within budget without exhausting yourself. Converting microfilms and microfiches will completely change the way to store information and records.

The document scanning and digitizing agencies have advanced microfilm and microfiche scanners that can produce accurate digital copies from microfilm rolls and microfiche cards.

The rolls and cards may contain images, research data, medical records, historical documents, and so on.

 Here in this post, we are discussing the process of microfilm conversion to pdf.

Converting Microfilm to Digital Images

Microfilms/Microfiche has a long life span of 500 years as per the manufacturers. However, the decay starts happening at a much earlier stage despite having the best climate-controlled environments.

It is essential to digitize documents,...


Best Microfilm & Microfiche Scanners List To Consider in 2023

Nov 24th 2022 | Posted By: redblink

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanners

Microfiche and microfilm are the preferred methods used to store images, blueprints, schematics, maps, and other important documents for an extended period of time. This microform technology makes it possible to reduce paper file storage, helping large businesses, banks, libraries, national archives, and government institutions to store large volumes of data. It’s a great way to preserve important information for the long term with a reduced risk of data loss.

But, how can you access data from microform? Nowadays, many companies require document storage, including text search capabilities, secure remote access to data from anywhere, and a near-infinite storage capacity. That’s why they use microfilm and microfiche scanners to create digital copies of their data. A microfilm backup can be stored in the cloud and used to restore your data if a catastrophe strikes. Digitizing microfilm provides easy access to your documents and...


Digitize Microfilm & Microfiche - is It Easier in 2023 [Explained]

Nov 22nd 2022 | Posted By: redblink

Digitize Microfilm & Microfiche

Microfilm and microfiche are methods of storing digital records, and important documents in a readable manner to save paper storage space. Nowadays, different corporations and organizations are preferring to use various methods to scan and store documents, images / blueprint scanning.

Digitizing microfilm doesn’t only improve the accessibility of your stored documents but also enables you to create a backup of your data in the cloud.

Are You Thinking of Digitizing Microfilm? This guide provides all the information required for proper microfilm digitization.

What is the Best Way to Digitize Microfiche And Microfilm?

The digitization of microfilm and microfiche data requires special equipment and expertise to ensure that the digital reproductions are of the highest quality and clarity. Strict quality assurance protocols must be followed throughout the process to maintain the original readability and clarity of...


Outsource Document Scanning Vs In-House - Which to Choose?

Nov 4th 2022 | Posted By: redblink

Outsource Document Scanning Vs In-House

Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents to digital files so that these files become indexable, searchable and shareable online. This process is done in many companies by themselves by having their scanning setup used on a daily basis for the digital conversion of documents.

However, bulk document scanning is not a simple process. Moreover, security, quality of scanning, proper storage and so many other factors are involved in the document scanning process.

DIY document scanning falls short in several significant ways. The tasks like enhancing and editing old documents, formatting to adopt web pages, changing the page type (e.g pdf to word conversion), etc.

We are going to discuss in this post whether You Should Outsource Document Scanning Services or Do It In-House

Outsource Document Scanning or Do It In-House Document Scanning Company Work...


Convert Scanned PDF Document to Word With OCR Technology

Nov 3rd 2022 | Posted By: redblink

Convert PDF to Word With OCR

OCR is used everywhere from data entry to license plate recognition. It has become a key tool for recognizing and digitizing handwritten journals and scanned documents without needing to retype. Using OCR, you can make scanned documents readable and searchable.

When you scan documents, normally, you create image based PDF files which are difficult to read and edit. Sometimes , the images are of poor quality. In these cases, you may wonder “How to convert scanned PDF to Word with OCR?”

The following post will guide on how to convert PDF to Word using OCR if you wish to edit scanned PDF files in microsoft Word format.

Why Businesses Need OCR For Document Scanning?

By using OCR, you can convert a scanned copy of a physical document into an editable electronic document without having to manually retype the text. Automating this process makes it much faster.

Converts instantly – Acrobat uses...


How Does A Microfilm Scanning and Conversion Project Work?

Sep 19th 2022 | Posted By: redblink

Microfilm Scanning and Conversion

Microfilms are rolls carrying data in image form. The conversion method is used to store sensitive and important data. This data has historical importance.

Microfilm storage techniques are used to store large volumes of data in compressed format. This method reduces the cost of physical storage ensuring an easy and handy data access.

A drive is attached to a PC to read data from the Microfilm. Microfilm technology has advanced over the last decade. It brings new opportunities to store the historical data of large volumes in the form of images of compressed size.

However, image quality is the major consideration during the entire conversion process.

Here in this post, we are discussing the effective and high-quality conversion of digital images into microfilms. Let’s learn about the process in detail.

Why convert digital images to microfilm?

Many cities, county, and state government departments are now opting...


Best Document Scanners with Barcode Reader [Wireless & Wired] Guide

Apr 1st 2022 | Posted By: eRecordsUSA

Document Scanner With Barcode Reader

Barcoding is used to maintain the digital inventories in the warehouses , libraries and retail stores so to provide accuracy of your document management workflow . To recognize these barcodes, special scanners known as barcode scanners are used. They are also known as Point-Of-Sale (POS) scanners or price scanners. These scanners capture and read data from barcodes.



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